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Cupid…Say Goodbye

October 31st, 2013 · No Comments

Cupid…Say goodbye…..

Living the blues, watching the midnight news
as the tears streamed down my face, screaming,
moaning, why? The tragedy of lost love weighs
heavy on my heart as my thoughts wander sifting
through the haze of lost tomorrows, weeping with
infinite sorrow.

Spilling bucketfuls of blues on slippery slopes,
wasting time carrying loves heavy load. What shall
I do when he finds me lonely, he… cupid, that love
sick liar who pierced his arrow against loves
crumbling wall, where shadows danced in the
midnight hour.

My eyes red like a raging fire, casting hopes
higher and higher. Lord, come with me while I
wade through these rough waters. Save me from
loves agonizing curse of faded dreams. Let me
mend the notch between the seams.

Shivering, clenching fists, losing control with twists
and turns. A fetus forms between the blades, lying
still, teased by the oncoming of a late summers breeze.
Amid the roar of screeching and holler, I realize I’m
just a fool, filling myself with stress and pain while you
laugh it up, with whiskey and mesh stocking legs
wrapped around you.

I’ve cried my last cry over you, washing away all the
pain. Cupid you take your arrow and leave, Sully is
wearing the love of another on his sleeve and I’m Ok,
I’m Ok…..

© 2013 Above The Rain (All rights reserved)

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