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Sheets of Lust

October 31st, 2013 · No Comments

Sheets Of Lust

Held in that boring chamber of monotony,
entrenched in the darkest hole of sin.
A vile and disgusting monster sieges the
chance to let their sexual rage begin.

Climbing between sheets of lust,
hoping a tinge of love might seep within.
A loving person by day, tis nightfall
ones loveliness disappears.

Looking for lust in all the right places,
seeking pleasure for many years.
Bodies strewn like slabs of meat,
upon a sacrificial nest of pain.

The monster with its huge appetite,
has much pleasure to hoard and gain.
A mind that wants to rob ones body,
the same as expropriating a piece of property.

Submerged in the height of sin,
no place for grace to triumph
or even slightly begin. A being of calculus
may rise to the helm, shedding silhouettes
of darkness upon the wall.

Your mind filled with false impressions,
you tumble… now you fall.
The head of the throne of absolute deceit,
through fever and frustration,
it is you they want to meet.

Between the sheets, dreams unfold, no love
enters the mind, no signs of love to hold.
You will succumb to insatiable needs,
their as an object mainly to please.

Enticed in the walls of unspeakable pleasure,
hours of raw sex will blind you, as you are the
target of someone clever. Your sexual slave
master may be a King or Queen,
who sits on the throne of pathological demise,
The death of mind, the death of spirit,
wearing a mask of incredible disguise.
You have fallen prey to someone who has
become an empty shell with no remorse.
As night rolls on, you are the feast,
the delicious whole main course.

A con, a liar, makes you feel the need,
you believe you love every moment of
sexual greed. Quenching the thirst of lusts
demands, confused amidst this temple of
sexual illusion,.

a nightmarish dream you can’t wake up from,
presents the mind with great confusion.
As hostage, held imprisoned within the mesh
of disbelief. A human object you have become,
a tool of pleasure with no release.

A rare imprisonment though for a short time,
brings on the pain of life’s unrest
and you have fallen slave to a monster,
who couldn’t past life’s test.

Filling the purpose of a tension released,
your dignity has become deceased.
Fear not for you there is an answer,
You stepped away from the word of God for a time,
your Saviour knows you crossed the line.

Upon your knees you must pray and worship God
night and day. The monster whose life have found
disaster, may not be granted such a gift.
A hibernation in the tomb of the darkest master,
a life doomed will not uplift.

© 2013 Above The Rain (All rights reserved)

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