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A Haiku Celebration (5-7-5-)

March 21st, 2015 · No Comments

Murderous demons
rip thy flesh as night dwindles
decay not thy soul

Emptiness finds me,
fragile, sullen, sorrowful,
rigid cold as ice.

the caterpillar,
has not yet seen the days end,
be patient my friend.

Icedrops, lollypops,
suckers, caramel candy,
all come in handy

No light in this house
stop standing there looking lost
go get the light bulb

You were on my land,
yet ye dared not shake my hand,
you crawled!from what rock?

He was dressed to kill.
so smooth looking, debonair
O! a funeral?

I’m from the Pier dear,
your accent gives you away,
how about a beer.

Try and try again,
failure wrote upon his soul.
Lincoln succeeded.

Hanging creapy skin,
years were ugly and sinful.
Karma be thy wrath.

Lack of money kills,
while financial wizards rule.
Rockefeller lives.

Quite a conundrum,
resources fill Africa.
Its people die poor.

Jamal raps uptown,
but at night, they send him home.
No coins in his jeans.

Trouble was his name.
Dad said, don’t call him Tyrone.
He’s a doctor now.

What’s for supper Mom,
chicken and black eye peas please.
Nope! not tonight dear.

on receiving your degree.
Where did you attend?

A white woman stands,
but her children tells the truth.
History unfolds.

Ray Charles sang the blues,
became clean, rose to the top.
Memories live on.

Billy Holiday,
took out a patch of her hair.
Gardenia’s are hot

Mellifulous moves,
her soothing voice, so tender.
Such beauty of song.

Her destiny died,
when blood sucking machines lived.
Vicky’s life regressed.

Together in peace,
tintinnabulation sings,
as the church bell rings.

Wade in the water.
Quiet by the riverbed,
no scent fills the air.

No rituals here,
yet large saucers take my lobes.
I’m lost, who am I?

If I change my hair,
I can wear a mask to school.
No, I’d be a fool.

Haiku’s by: Melvina Germain

© 2013 Above The Rain (All rights reserved)

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