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Darkness Wins The Battle…..(Death of Robin Williams)

March 21st, 2015 · No Comments

Darkness Wins The Battle…..(Death of Robin Williams)

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening…Those in the world who love laughter are in shock over the death of Robin Williams. Many of us had no idea this amazing talent suffered so horribly with that dark and dismal disease of depression. I believe it is one of the least understood, as a matter of fact all mental illness has such a taboo on it, that many of us shy away from those who suffer with it.

Who would have known after viewing such a bubbly, vibrant, vivacious human being, delivering such joy with the most amazing quick wit. Who would think this man is suffering and suffering to the point of taking his own life. I’m in shock myself, I thought I understood this darkness but now I realize it truly is beyond my comprehension. The pain of it is horrible and those who take the stage and have to put forth that blanket of happiness, wearing a mask to hide the pain, it must be even worse.

Coming out onto a stage in front of hundreds of people, projecting a strong voice, embracing that audience and feeling the love from that audience. Perhaps this was a time someone like that feels love…for that few moments they are no longer alone but after exiting the stage doors the darkness quickly returns as something is missing from their lives and they can seem to find that life pill so to speak. Even though we have family love…still something more is missing. The constant feeling of loneliness while people are around us. Many in the world admired and loved Robin Williams, that along with his family’s love and the respect we had for his work but yet that wasn’t enough to keep the darkness from consuming his thoughts. In Robin William’s situation, the darkness won and Robin lost the battle with depression.

So many of us deny our suffering and hide away in our rooms filled with pain inside. We try to deal with it on our own but there comes a time when we have to make a good decision and seek help before its too late. Well we all know about Robin Williams so he apparently did seek help but that help wasn’t enough to keep him here with us. I’m certain the doctor’s gave him the best medication, he certainly could afford it one would think, so why did Robin Williams still find it necessary to kill himself. This is so dismal and so upsetting and extremely scary as to what this darkness can do.

Take care of yourselves, seek help, get in touch with “you”. Whatever you have to do to make yourself feel good about you. We are such precious beings and we can be very strong but yet at the same time extremely fragile. What others see is not always what we truly are and often we lie to ourselves thinking we are that tower of strength. It’s true, people look at us, admire us, think that we are on top of the world and when we turn our backs and walk away, our expression changes, that claw inside begins to grab at us again and the darkness shields the light. We do become consumed and stay in that dark and dreary place. Recognize it and move quickly away from the demon of depression. It appears pills did not work for Robin Williams so we ask the question…what does work?…I wrote a piece on my thoughts in that regard and will share the website with you this morning. I truly believe our help with this demon is far beyond the hands of man….

Robin Williams, may you rest in eternal peace, so sad brother… the world will miss all that you so generously shared with us. God Bless you…Melvina

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