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Faulty Love? No…..

March 21st, 2015 · No Comments

A gent said that when two people, man to man or woman to woman love each other. That love is classed as “faulty”…I of course disagree wholeheartedly…see below:

I want to share this with you this afternoon… Love is the answer and can in no way be faulty. When we love someone, we give them our all. Man, Woman, Child, it matters not whether it’s man to woman, woman to man, man to man or woman to woman…Love is love, it matters not whether it’s Black to Black, Black to White, White to White, White to Black or any other color range as “Love has no color”…We love simply because we love, it comes from the heart and soul and we are Blessed to be covered by such a blanket…My motto as most of you know, once again…”Love Is The Answer”…..

Reaching Out

You can reach out and touch some of the people because your mind is closed. Or, you can reach out and touch almost all of the people because you are open and respect all. Give your head a shake when you feel you are too good to touch and feel the real of society. Speak and do for the good of mankind, that encompasses all…Melvina…..

My Thoughts
You know folks, we can tell people what they should be doing, give them our idea’s and stomp our feet to the ground. We can look them in the eye and say, stop drinking, stop doing drugs, stop gambling but is it that simple to do. If it were would most of them have not stopped by now. So do we throw our hands up in the air and say…”I’m done”…walk away and never look back.
We can say to those who consistently find themselves behind bars, stop doing what you are doing but are we of the same mindset and do we know what pushed them over the edge to that place of what they consider…no return…Have we taught them what words we want to hear and they so often share them with us so we get off their backs for a time.
We look at homeless people, drop our heads while shaking them. Looking at them as if we are better than they are forgetting that it only takes one illness to homelessness for many of us. When we find ourselves in that place where no one wants to tread, do we hide behind poles, slip to the back of the food line, keep our heads down so no one recognizes us.
Were we around when the pressure grew so hard for Nick and watched him slip out of society. Did you see Nick downtown behind alley’s looking in dumpsters, did he smile at you as you slowly walked by wondering why. Well Nick says, life is easier now that he’s dropped out and doesn’t have to deal with that day to day havoc. Do you have a name for Nick, are you now going to judge him, perhaps Nick is the smart one and will live a much longer life of no stress. He merely needs to know how to survive the day and he has learned where every food stop is. He left us and we will never understand why due to the fact we did not walk in Nick’s shoes.
We gaze at our ladies of the night and some of us have harsh words for them. But you have not walked that path either. Perhaps you were stronger or had a slight helping hand, perhaps you loved yourself just a little more or maybe you didn’t find yourself pregnant at age fourteen in a household of abuse and therefore you did not end up on the path of prostitution. Can we judge the prostitute as bad and her customer as good when her customer might very well be your daddy, your husband, your brother, your best friend, your colleague…what makes them any better than our sister prostitute. She is doing what she feels is necessary and in some cases not just to feed her drug habit of which she might have none but to feed her own children who accidentally became her life. Do we have the right to judge, it’s easy to conjure up reasons why.
Who are you following these days, are you following the ego minded star. Someone who loves themselves more than one can imagine. I agree with loving oneself, believe it we must be careful who we stand behind, we must be clear thinking individuals who know the inside out and when we are thrown a bone, know that it is not poison. It is too easy to follow behind the crust of power…Know your people well, believe it, they know you…Melvina
Women Of The West
Women of the West, we could be Reyhanneh in a few years. Keep your eyes open and be ready to stand up and fight for your rights. We do not need nor want to be involved in any way with “Sharia Law”…Educate yourself, read about it, know it inside out because it is not to your benefit. It is to the benefit of monsters and monsters do not have our best interest at heart. Monsters kill us for protecting ourselves, they kill even when we are not the guilty. Monsters feel we are only here to satisfy their every wish and to bring forth their sons so they can infect them with hate and teach them how to abuse women with physical beatings and mental abuse by tearing us down, demeaning and controlling us.

“Reyhanneh”, our sister in the East suffered tremendously over a long period of time but that wasn’t enough, still they found it necessary to hang her. We here a lot of complaints about our men here in the West, well let me tell you I think it’s high time we thank God for Blessing us with clear thinking men who for the most part are happy to stand besides their mothers, sisters and daughters. Most of them will kill for us and most of them hate what is going on in other parts of the world. I spoke only to a small amount of men this week, some I must say I was very disappointed with but later spoke to some very caring individuals. It’s time ladies, right now time is crucial, we have to take a stand and we need to forget about color issues, we are all sisters all over the world. Time to come together, time to make some very crucial decisions, time to stop being complacent. Stand up, speak out and be heard. Our sisters are dying ladies, dying…Melvina…..
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