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Spiritual Poems by: Melvina Germain

March 21st, 2015 · No Comments


You can sing with me in Heaven tomorrow
when the time comes to forget our sorrows
a smooth mountain we can not climb
we’ll fly as Angels in due time
Take my hand and walk with me
I’ll show you the way to Galilee

Written by: Melvina Germain
© 2013 Above The Rain (All rights reserved)


Though your arms are invisible to the eye.
You soothe me as time drifts by. You captivate
my every move as you are there to fill all the
cracks, cover every groove.

Mesmerized by the sparkle in your eyes, A hundred,
a thousand, a million, or more. Continuous diamond
glints glistening in the azure beauty of sky. A smile
for my God; I’m painting as our Angels gloriously fly

Keep your arms tightly folded round me,
let not a feather come between. May the soft
blanket of earth sustain me and may the sea enrich
every scene.

Bathed in the cosmos of your birthing belly, my
subconscious becomes intoxicated with your eternal
flow. I thirst for the juice of your wisdom and
feast on the abundance of your growth.

I stand for unity of a nation and hope for total
world integration. Upon world’s end, when your
invisible arms closes off every door, An inviolable
sanctity will consume and protect all who rise
within your universe, forever more.

Written by: Melvina Germain
© 2013 Above The Rain (All rights reserved)


My thoughts are marred with a conundrum of images scurrying about banging against the walls of pain. I see blood splattering all about and black spots bouncing at various speeds.

I’m surrounded by darkness enclosed in this gray chamber. Well aware of my surroundings, my thoughts are provoked by endless memories that capture the core of my eye and I’m in a state of drastic confusion.

Was my life a lie, was it an illusion of sorts, many questions hovering about, waiting for answers, so much doubt standing in the line-up. Anxiety finds me in this gray chamber and I realize this chamber has always been my wall of failures and doom for I was the creator, the architect as it were. I was the master of my own destruction, operating without a foundation in a world that requires a great sense of stability.

My thoughts are running wild with the wind, where do I begin to unfold the bleeding doom that has created this gray chamber I have no respect for long term life, living only for today and tossing my future away. In my chamber I have become wreck-less, myself love has depleted to no love at all, in my chamber I’m the monster who devours self, I step into even greater mines forging downward and downward into an infinite pit of self destruction.

In this gray chamber of bouncing black spots with splattering blood, I’m consumed with thoughts beating me up like a herd of elephants tramping heavy on my mind. I can no longer see for I’m blind of any trickle of light, only darkness resides here and I have become the sponge that soaks up failures as they wait to find a home. Every set back is another fall in the pit of darkness and I’ve had many.

In this chamber the warmth has grown tremendously and I feel an insatiable heat working it’s way up from the tips of my toes to the top of my head and the warmth
like a cancer is spreading with waves enveloping every organ in my body. The warmth is becoming hotter and hotter and I scream in pain. Lord I want to rebuke all evil and live well again. Let it be Father, let it happen to me Father, I’m your daughter, show
me hope, show me love, show me a way out. Oh Father let your light shine on me and shower me with the rain of love.

As I step through the dark storm enclosed in my gray chamber, weary and weak, taking one step at a time. Now my feet are stepping upward through the thick dust of
darkness. I begin to feel lighter and lighter. As I turn to look back, I see sludge trailing behind. Oh Father you are the light of my life, I’m becoming well again, yes well again in mind, body and soul.

Walking triumphantly feeling my weight lessen, I continue to walk forward taking slight
steps upward. Breathing freely, taking deep breaths and enjoying the freshness of air.
I’m becoming shorter and shorter as I continue to walk and the light is becoming brighter.

I have transformed from adult to child and am resting in the arms of an Angel who soars
more and more toward the light. I’m now in that chamber again it seems, however this
time it is warm and cozy and the water is a comfort, I’m attached by a cord to a flesh like
wall and now I’m moving through a tunnel and the light is brighter than ever before. I
hear voices, I hear laughter, crying and screams of joy. Oh Father, I’m a baby boy, I’m
reborn. A second chance, I have been given a second chance at life. Oh my Father,
I praise you day and night. Father you are my light and hope and my supernatural
Friend, I praise you Father God for I’m born again…..

Written by: Melvina Germain
Date: April 6/2012
© 2013 Above The Rain (All rights reserved)


All of God’s children, like a rainbow we stand,
under His umbrella, in the palm of His hand.
Covered by the blood of God’s precious son.
We sing in praise of what Jesus has done.

Written by: Melvina Germain
© 2013 Above The Rain (All rights reserved)

The poem below, “Born To Suffer” was inspired by a special person
in my life that I can not help. It seems impossible to get through
to this person. I realize too, that their are many the same who
are merely existing in this world, such a heartache. Society has
certainly given up on them and simply keep them medicated.
Unproductive beings, walking the streets in pain.


You bring me into this complicated existence, with no training
no care and no love. Who are you but a beast and not of the
beauty from the heaven above. You set me free, out in the world
to endure travesties. You gave me life, but your arms I never
felt around me, I never heard the words, I love you. I have purpose
though I do not know what my purpose is. You tossed me from
the nest, my tail feathers prematurely snipped, now I’m lost in the
midst of darkness, lost in a tunnel with a sealed entrance and exit.
held in limbo because of your insatiable selfishness.

You have given me nothing to grab onto…this fragile thread of
which I cling will one day snap and I will fall into a vat of hot,
turbulent soup, churning and churning and churning, not knowing
which way to turn, what road to take, believing lies and living with
heartache. Confused I’ll stand, trying to be a woman or a man, with
no idea what that means. Looking like an idiot, chastised, bullied
and scorned. Walking head bent, with no self esteem, fearing to
to dream. What have you given me, this is not a life, this is a tangled
mess of entrapment. Standing unaware, waiting to be hurled off to
padded rooms, or hidden cells, thrown in a hole, left in the cold,
wondering what the hell happened.

I will not be a productive human being, no my destiny is that
of a drone, you honed me, you weaved me into this web and
used me as a pawn. My strength never was… and I know
nothing of enthusiasm, inspiration or spirituality. You gave none
of that to me. Nooo I’m but a drone, living on the hand out,
the dollars off of the backs of society. I may never know anything
of that person that might have been. You’ve taken all of that away
from me before my life had a chance to begin.

To you I was another number, a means to make a dollar. That’s all
I was. Now I’m a burden to society, like you, and stand in judgement
of those who shy away from me. What do I have to look forward to.
Every month , the man shows up at my door, with a needle held in hand,
just what I’m looking for. Take your medication, there’s no need to be a
woman or a man. Controlled legally, by those who cast the line, those
who write the monthly cheques, those who give the fines. Manipulated by
the ghastly few and ruled by those who paint me nothing but a mere fool.

Here I stand, this broken piece of woman or man, with a heart deadened
a mind trapped within itself, eyes that still do not see, a heart that beats
slowly and a body that can no longer function as my brain carries no fuel.
Lost in this world living my life as a fool, that’s what you’ve done to me.

Who is my mother, who is my father, where are they. Why do they not
stand by my side, why do I not feel their warmth, their love and care, tell
me why are they not here. Lack of love, lack of understanding, running
wild with the wind, manipulated into sin. They too suffered and knew
not where to begin.

Is it too late, is it too late to turn this around, am I born to suffer and not
wear that earthly crown, will I rise up from bondage, and free myself the
pain, will I learn to live and enjoy walking in the rain. There’s much work
to be done, but I’m counting on that man standing over yonder now, the man
under that bright glowing sun. The man in the golden robe with long flowing
hair, with eyes bright and beautiful beckoning, come, come over here. You are
worthy in this life, you are an elegant, precious jewel, don’t allow anyone to
demean you or ever play you as a fool.

Written by: Melvina Germain
Date: March 8/2013
© 2013 Above The Rain (All rights reserved)

(I’m sharing this poem below with all of you, though my
heart is heavy as I post it here. This was one of the
poems I wrote for my friend Suzie as she was dying.)
I feel, I need to share this now…..


She closed her eyes as if for the last time,
my heart was sinking,
is Suzie crossing the line.
I glanced quickly at her chest,
her breathing I could see.
Praise God, Suzie’s eyes opened,
she was looking at me.
The tears I fought hard to contain,
alas..my composure, I did regain.

Written by: Melvina Germain
© 2013 Above The Rain (All rights reserved)


There’s a chariot waiting,
once you open earth’s door. My darling,
waiting to take you to God’s Heavenly shore.
Heaven is open, all day, all night.
Waiting for those who close their eyes to this earthly light.
You see there’s a light far brighter on the other side,
a light where no human shall abide.
In this place we find our Heavenly wings,
In spirit, we join God’s Angels,
glorious songs we’ll sing.
Don’t cry a river of sadness or pain,
rejoice and celebrate over and over again.
Dancing with the Angels in freedom you shall be,
waltzing on the clouds on the way to Calvary.
There’s a chariot waiting, now open that door,
Shine on my darling, Shine on for evermore.

Written by: Melvina Germain
Date: April 26/2012
Time: 4:32am
© 2013 Above The Rain (All rights reserved)


Tonight I will die, tomorrow I shall live and wave good-bye to this theatrical earth stage… its ruination by man alone.

No one holds me hostage in the flaws of religion. As a free spirit, I shall dance in the wind…spreading my divine wings in the mystical world of supernatural bliss, conformity is not my wish.

My goal is to reach the optimum fence. Be at peace with the omnipotent, rise high, be larger than a mountain, see deeper than the deepest sea, swirl in the winds. Ride the waves of the ocean effortlessly.

He envelopes me, I’m one with His word. I’m of His essence, He the creator is now me the creation. I’m the mystic who blows waves into the ocean, the wild bird whose feathers fall yet can not be seen. I’m a supernatural being soon to be crowned Queen.

Transcendentally Blessed by the divine, hovering the world in absolution, Invisible to the human eye, exalted in eternal life. I stand immortal without physical concern. Dipped in consciousness far beyond compare. I have moved beyond man’s highest praise of the human tongue or the pen in which he scribes his woes. Now I speak to him through mind and witness his utmost comprehension through his ink.

I’m that ever flowing faucet that never fills to its brim. I’m as heavy as a mountain, yet can balance on the tip of a twig. I’m the tintinnabulation of God’s Heavenly bell. The sound of the whispering wind.

What physical man has the right to tell anyone what they can or can not be. You cast your spells, toss your daggers, hurl your stones, stand in Judgement, in anticipation of breaking others down. No longer need I fear the likes of you nor care what you can or can not do. I’m no longer like you. Nooooo you have become locked in this world without a foundation, for one day it will implode and all who reside here will drown in the darkest sea of negativity, drowning within oneself.

Begging for mercy? From whom, How did you tribute Him, what were your actions toward Him. Do I recall you saying He does not exist. Who then may I ask, are you pleading mercy.

This earth laden with sharp edged rocks, with sinking sand. Each step taken in hesitation. Your face fixed in that cringing position, sour and old… hands clenched in fear, fevered mind, bleeding perspiration pours like rain. soon, standing still like a pillar of salt.

I wave and whisper a faint good-bye…long and far in the distance

Written by: Melvina Germain
© 2013 Above The Rain (All rights reserved)

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