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Come On Back

March 22nd, 2015 · No Comments

You’ve been around the block and back and sometimes you may have tried a little crack. You say to yourself, tomorrow I’m going to make it but tomorrow never comes as you reach out to the bartender and grab your glass of rum.

You bathe and wallow in pity, time and time again, pick on people you don’t know, sharing complaints as if they were your long time friends. O you’ve partied hardy and saw beauty that didn’t exist, grabbed on tight and took that beauty home.
The morning after, your eyes opened wide, turned your head, abhor ed and disgusted, you’ve lost your pride. The person laying beside you was a sight you dread and for an instant, you wished you were dead. But you say to yourself as you did yesterday, I know tomorrow will be a better day.

Your thoughts are right on but your actions fail you, and sometimes the authorities find it necessary to jail you. No matter what, the words in your mind still say, I know tomorrow will be a better day.

People who surround you are holding you back, deceivers, failures, alcoholics, drug users of heroin and crack. It’s time for change and that’s never too late but difficult it is and time does not wait. You let your dreams go but now you want them back and tomorrow has come, it’s time to get on track.

You begin to formulate, articulate and regenerate your soul and you stand beginning to realize all that is real. You’ll find you have greatness and nerves of steel. You are greater than what you are associating with, you know you must empower yourself by taking some risks. What have you got to lose, you’ve been flat on your back. The only way is “UP” and only darkness will be the lack.

Now listen to me, I have some words to share and I hope you pay attention and become aware.

If you want something bad enough, go out there and get it.
Don’t allow jealousy to sabotage you and you’ll never regret it.
Deceivers, failures and losers may scream, but never allow them
to hinder your dream.
Loot at it, taste it, reach out and hold on tight, that dream will be
yours after a long intense fight.
Don’t give up too soon or think it’s too late. Your dream is right
there…all you got to do, is open that gate.
You have something that others think impossible. A well groomed
character that’s virtually unstoppable.
You’ve come a long way from sleeping on the floor. Hold your
head high and step through that door.

By: Melvina Germain
(c) Journey of the Soul

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