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March 22nd, 2015 · No Comments

Gord Barge

The image above is one of my portrait drawings of a good friend…Gord Barge, a local Calgary musician. His band consists of Gord, his wife Jody, a wonderful lady with a beautiful smile and very talented, his children and some friends. His family band has entertained many in this city and that down home wonderful music delights an audience.

Man… (Always in progress)

Man you’ve managed to rule the world, some deem your purpose to be cruel, to flaunt that grand old image, of a King yet many act like fools. We hear of atrocities under the umbrella of vile and mean. These are not the men who sit at our tables and dine with peace in mind. These are not the men who shakes the hands of our neighbors next door or picks the children up from school. No these are the worst of society who give good men burdens to bear and are definitely exceptions to the rule.

You stand in the valley of great expectations, we want all we can gather from you.

Perhaps the pressure becomes so fierce, you don’t know what to do. Those of you who try and try again, your persistence ought to be of benefit. When patience does not favor you and bricks come flying your way, a smart man builds a wall of protection to keep the enemy at bay.

God has not forgotten you, you’re one of his second sons. God is love, give him his due, all the glory,belongs to Him. O you are a sinner, every man and woman bears that woe, but God will not forsake you…let your love continue to grow.

The marvelous sperm in which you bear helps to beget proud miracles of earth

but often crude words you will hear, a donor is your only worth. How crude, how

shameful words can be, I’m sure God’s tears are falling too. You are a Blessing upon this earth and I know God is so proud of you.

Man, you are the powerful, a warrior is what you must be,take this gun, go out and fight,

bring back prosperity. Rob the meek, take their land, use that heavy hand. Manipulate with false promises and crush their every plan. When all is said and done and your body falls to wear. Those who hired you for their dirty deed, no voices do you hear. Your mind disfigured, you heart ripped apart, perhaps a limb severed, one or two. PTSD becomes the norm, after all no one on at the helm could give a damn, there are many to use up like you. Puppets stand erect and salute, yes many puppets walk the plank as they fall into that pot of muddy soup, while the demon oversees the land.

O man, sometimes you are handed the rawest of all deals where a female judge towers over you. Taking your offspring so far away, in a place you will never be. These women of the highest rank, much venom harbored within, and the pain they felt in yesteryear becomes your dagger of someone else’s sin. Years of sadness begets your heart, years of tears hidden behind closed doors. No one knows of your suffrage and think you are made of cold cement and steal. The Masandrist who holds the gavel laughs, man you can not win, thislife is real.

Man my heart goes out to you, what do our little boys have to look forward to. We teach them such foolish nonsense, beginning with pink and blue. Destroying their minds at best, yet we feel when adult hood is present,these men must past the test.

Some who have become professionals, on that pedestal we place you, yes we do. The truth sometimes unveils itself and a little boy is standing there. Awaiting a few words from Mom or Dad, dear boy, I’m so proud of you. After hours shows the picture, that

lack of love comes forth you see, private schools is whereyou’ll go, private schools is where you’ll be. Mom and Dad must travel to many places in the world, there is so much to see. Celebrate, celebrate, you’ve made it to the top. Clinking of glasses and an abundance of spirits flow. Hidden in a glass of Southern Comfort, now this is what you know.

The hard working men, there are quite a few, driving rigs from city to city, or perhaps sitting in big old cats ripping up the earth to build. Digging holds with vibrating bodies, construction is where it’s at. Lining buildings with installation or climbing high in the cold of winters wrath. In the end, blood pressure rises, livers cooked like stew, hearts beating like old drums and lungs disfigured from a smokers doom. Lost lives come so unexpected, lost lives of wives who washed clothes for you. Dead from Asbestosis a gift daddy brought home, it’s true.

Man this world is yours, or at least that’s what they say,but when truth begins to unfold, only a few reaps the day. We judge you fiercely if truth were to be told, so much you hide within. Some forget that you can be violated, molestation is still a sin. Some daddy’s teach you wrongly and tell you rape by a female is a Blessings game. Truth is, she’s a pedophile and has stained your precious mind. Feelings will betray you with confusion so unkind. I look at you and the tears fall, such beautiful but saddened eyes, don’t wear a false charade for me…tell the truth…be gone with all false pride.

O man, some of you are envied souls, you walk smooth upon this land. Those who are Blessed to make your acquaintance, love to hold your caring hand. You are the positive, the energetic being who love the world in which we live. You believe without a doubt, we are all a part of the human race. No color begets your mind, no gender separation comes forth. Judge not are words that come from you, judge not and show you care. We are Blessed, O yes, we are Blessed, we are Blessed to have you here.

Relationships can be your doom, no female can think like you. Our differences are apparent, for that reason, words we holler and frustration takes its toll. You stand often with your head held down as your body turns on you and though your heart feels oh so bad, your mind tells you what to do. Man to the female you are complicated as her emotions run the storm… and you… well, yes it’s good,once satisfaction has been reborn. To some, control is the downfall and discreet is not your middle name, but many,yes many, merely want peace and honesty just the same.

When old age sets in, oh man, I feel for you. On your deathbed, you might scream O God,what did I do. The tears drain from your eyes, the words of so many regrets. Know within your heart, if someone you love is standing by your side, you did something right on this earth and only good will abide.

Written by: Melvina Germain

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