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Peace…It’s time to recognize, we need love and peace

March 22nd, 2015 · No Comments


This is a family photo and it was a most beautiful and peaceful day.  A family reunion deep entrenched in my memory, such a Blessing.  I wanted to share this peaceful time with all of you.


A sense of calm dwells within,
while one experiences an
awareness of one’s
innermost feelings. In tune with
all positive energy. Synergistically
enveloping an intermingling
of both the conscious and unconscious.
Allowing one’s body to become
suspended, yet pillowed by the
softness of a white cloud.
The continued stillness, the quiet,
the calm, all blend together to
create a tranquil development called

Written by: Melvina Germain


Very clearly I’m interested in what you would do in order to bring about peace in the world. Let’s be fair and respectable to everyone. We’re not Mother Theresa’s but certainly some might have very strong feelings as to what they would like to do for peace. Share with us by writing a small article, a few words or poetic verse. I’m so looking forward to your words.

Let me begin by saying, my feelings are leading against the pedestal dwellers of this world who seem to be in the pockets of the poor. Unfortunately some of the poor don’t have pockets and are working extremely hard to survive. It’s a strange world when we really think about it, as it is the few who rule the mass and that ruling is done by the color green. Society has taken color and dissected it, mutilated it, degraded it and used it as a means to manipulate the weak.

I remember back in the day when an individual took the many pictures of children and placed them in so called order, going from the lightest child to the darkest. At the time I wasn’t wise enough to see the implication but as I grew older I realized what took place in regard to worthiness and that impacted me greatly.

It is my feeling that all people of this world truly need to stand together as one. Having said that I realize there’s much work to be done and I’m willing to reach out and touch, to share inspiration and do the best to be as positive as possible also knowing that negativity will present itself along the journey. Positive action will always rule over negative, that’s my thought. Good will always shine over bad, I believe that to be true and equality is what will blend us together as one.

Truly there is so much we can do together to bring forth a much better world. We can make great changes and often turn racists to fun loving, compassionate people. I don’t think it’s fair to give up on them, perhaps in childhood they were bullied into accepting such a horrendous outlook and since it is thromboned into their souls they can not find a release. It’s not easy but I’ve seen it happen and that change is monumental.

You see the eradication of past teachings is very difficult to unlock so that door may remain closed for a very long time but doors can be opened. Rather than wonder what your purpose in life is, why not take a part of your life and dedicate it to bringing forth peace. Decide what you need to do or not do to be that role model, allow others to see it shine in your eyes.

I’m not a complex person, simply a person who wants to wake up with a smile on my face, gaze out the window and no matter what the weather is, feel happy to know that during the day I will meet another peaceful individual who will smile back at me. Wouldn’t it be nice to walk up to a Mom and child and have a conversation without seeing fear in their eyes. Wouldn’t it be amazing not to see the color of a human being walking toward you but to only see the person and nod with a smile. Wouldn’t it be delightful to walk after midnight with no fear in mind.

We can have all of that and so much more if we’re able to find that tranquil existence. Well perhaps it’s but a dream with the trying times we are entrenched in nowadays. With all the hate, the fighting, discrimination, murdering, rape, kidnapping and trafficking of all sorts, the pounding of the heavy hand, the power of the tower dwellers what can we do to bail through all of that and find our peace. Still I’m optimistic and believe it is possible. We are amazing human beings and there is nothing we can’t do if we stand together as one and act diligently toward that bliss.

Do you see the light at the end of that proverbial tunnel, do you see shadows dancing to and fro and laughter blazing like fire cracking through the air. Do you see arms reaching out toward you awaiting a long embrace and lips ready to kiss your face. Do you hear the music, that syncopation of bliss, that food for the soul that will always exist. If only a tiny bit spills your way then perhaps you are that peaceful Angel that will bring forth peace. Today can be the beginning for you, to share with the world of all you will do…Please share…Written by:  Melvina Germain




I love the hands
Whom I see saving people
From jaws of ferocious burning fire
From planes, from houses, from fires in jungles
Taking them to hospitals where doctors and nurses care
Without discrimination who and what they are
And fight to snatch from hands of death.
I love the hands.

I love those hands
Who are working on roads, on borders, on workplaces
At many places,to serve and save
The hands that work in fields to grow to feed
In research centers working to fight diseases
In nursing homes to mothers and kids
The hands that work like mothers and sisters
Going from house to house to get help for the poor
For the sufferings due to diseases and poverty.
I love the hands.

I love the hands
Who are working indifferent fields of research
To change the face of globe
To change our life style from
To bring smiles and shine on every face.

How can I love and like those hands
Who are burning fires here and there
Who are killing innocents mothers and kids
Drowning and downing ships and planes by blasts
Scattering limbs and flesh everywhere
Who are throttling breath of women and girls seeing new education
Who are adamant to keep them in old rotten chains
Who are adamant to make them wear the same color they ask
By silencing protesting voices by bullets and threats
They are changing smiles and laughter
Into sky tearing cries and sobs
And spread dark scaring terror in streets, schools and where not?
How can I love those hands!!!

Yes,I Love the hands who have boldly held pens in hands
To protest against such forces
I love those hands who are marching ahead
With the banners of love and peace
Lighting candles in the dark to spread light of universal love
I love the hands who are marching ahead for justice !!!!

Written by: Mohinderdeep Grewal

Rebuke All Wars

We raise our arms in the Blessing of peace,
with a white kerchief depicting a dove.
How great thou art upon this earth,
to recognize the oncoming of serenity,
and the beauty of the sweetest love.

Take a stand people, against all wars, and
hear the bugles and horns pierce the wind.
We come together standing hand and hand,
celebrate, O may it be the greatest jubilee,
as we raise our voices to rebuke and rescind.

Today we have yet to embrace such joy,
I dare say, we must believe it’s coming soon.
our thoughts are what we are, speak loud.
May our pens travel far…In today’s darkness,
let peace be the rose standing ready to bloom.

Written by: Melvina Germain
Date: Jan. 22/2015

Tags: Peace

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