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Articles written by: Melvina Germain

March 23rd, 2015 · No Comments


1. You Are Your Own Best Friend ( You may or may not relate to this)
2. Big Surprise
3. Give And Receive
4. Inspiring Words
5. Money
6. Body Heat
7. Do We Boycott Walmart
8. Good Riddance To 2013
9. Little Sisters
10. Tribute To Stay At Home Mom’s
11. Barbarism Is Not Needed In The 20th Century
12. My Blessings

YOU ARE YOUR OWN BEST FRIEND (You may or may not relate to this)

This title states, you are your own best friend. However, having said that, we know there are many of us that can also say…I’am my own worst enemy. Sometimes we are the ones to come down hard on ourselves. We look in the mirror and all we see is darkness surrounding us, up, down, all around. We see no light shining through. We are often filled with anxiety, fall into depression, become extremely insecure and may find ourselves in a paranoid state of confusion. We hang on to, low self esteem, we don’t trust ourselves and often allow others to do for us. We have developed a situation continually pressing low. Giving up on ourselves is vividly apparent and self loathing has seeped within.

Many say, I believe in God, so I ask the question, does it not state somewhere in the Bible that we are created in his image. Well I dare say, anything I mentioned above would certainly not compare with the image we are taught about God. After all, God is a magnificent being, so where is your magnificence. But you, have become your own worst enemy and fear, anxiety and depression has become a part of your soul for whatever reason. We have allowed our hopes and dreams to stand still as if cemented in a place and never comes forth.

Through all of your darkness, you find time to pray for others, wishing them well, asking for help on their behalf. When did you last pray for yourself, really got on your knees, brought your hands together and took that quiet time to be with your Father in Heaven. When was the last time you did that for you. Let me ask you some questions…Do you congratulate you…Do you smile at you…Do you become happy with you. Do you realize how beautiful you are…Do you love you…Do you realize your power…Are you ready to experience infinite happiness.

One of my quotes states and I wonder, does it fit you…You will do for others, but you never have time to do for you. Is it possible, you rest too much on the negative and your self loathing told you over and over again, you do not deserve the same things you pray for, for others. We have come to appreciate others but consider ourselves unworthy. We worship the ground they walk on but we are sinking in the mud. Well, we have our highs and lows and unfortunately the lows far exceed the highs.

What are we lacking, we do want to be as good as the next person. You know it’s really foolish but some think…if I make the other person look bad, perhaps I will shine and look good to others. Well the realization comes forth when you see that you have dug another hole for darkness to lay in within self. Now your self loathing becomes more entrenched in your soul where another demon shows its face. The demon of vile behavior to others, hurting others, deceiving them, exposing them to danger, you become mentally and perhaps physically abusive. The reality is…it’s that self loathing that is coming forth, though you are stringently in denial.

Now you self medicate, it might be alcohol, drugs, street or prescription, one or all. You point blame continually, it’s never your fault and only negativity finds your thoughts. To say it boldly, you become a real pain in the ass. Well, I always say, you never know what’s on the road ahead and lo and behold you have an epiphany in the still of the night. You get up and gaze in that mirror, taking a long look at yourself, you see the years piling up on your face. You feel pain in your body that you’ve never felt before, you take your palms and pat the extra flab around your belly that formed from your lack of exercise. While gazing at yourself in the mirror, questions come to mind…Who are you…where did the time go…what have I accomplished…Where am I going and you ask yourself out loud…What have I done to me???

Through these sober moments, you tell yourself, you want to change and you reach out. Well now, could this be the door opening where you realize you must care for you. Help is on the way, people see that you are making a concerned effort to make change. All that you were lacking is coming forth like thunder. Friends uplifting you, family having a renewed faith in you, pouring their love upon you. A new day, a bright light, you look to the mirror and while standing there, this time words come to mind and you smile while you think of them and voice them out loud. “I Love You”, then you look away and repeat, “I Love Me”.

All of a sudden, you are jumping, laughing, waving your arms about. This is you beginning a new life, you know the struggle is not over, with fortitude and tenacity, you realize you have the elasticity to stretch beyond and reach for that rainbow. You are deserving, you are worthy and with your new found, love of self, you have truly become your own best friend. Well, there’s much to do along the road of success. Now you must be consistent and must become resilient. There will be lows but you will bounce back, you’ll fall but you will rise up, you can shake your head, smile and yell, let’s try again.

Look in the mirror please, one more time…Ask yourself out loud…Who is your best friend…now answer, I’am…Do it again and again. Now ask yourself, who do you love and answer, Me…Repeat, I Love Me, I Love Me, I Love Me. Remember you are what you think, so you will act accordingly when you love you.

When you take a look back over time, you ponder. I reached out for help, I cried, I laughed, I celebrated, I fell and I got up and best of all, I introduced myself to my best friend…ME. You have found the formula, that brings you peace, love and happiness. You are walking on solid ground. It took awhile but you built your foundation and now you have what you want to share with others, “LOVE”…Loving yourself was the answer to all the pain and heartache. “YOU ARE YOUR OWN BEST FRIEND” By: Melvina Germain


This morning I wrote a piece about, My Blessings, well they certainly have not stopped. I mentioned, that God is a generous God and He continues to Bless me, that’s for sure. Well my goodness, my children told me the boys in blue were here to see me and I had to go outside to talk to them. I said, wait a minute, I paid my fine, they don’t need to talk to me and my daughter she began to spaz out with that excitable voice and when she does that, there’s trouble. She screams put your coat on, and I had my slippers on at that moment. My son’s are saying, things like, they’re here, look! I can see the police. Melody points down the street and says, see their they are and all I saw was a couple of people carrying a food tray into a house. Now I’m standing in front of this vehicle I never saw before and they are all staring at me, Melody points to the Tan Van and I looked and then stared back at them. My gosh, they bought me a vehicle for Christmas. I still can’t believe it, I was in awe and I’m standing on the street screaming, me and my half gray braids
and no makeup. I have to pinch myself and look out the window to see if it’s real. I’m so happy, they pooled their money together and bought mama/granma a car. Thank you to my three Children and my Grandson, you make me so so happy.

Well I say good-bye to a rough looking gray wagon, that’s taken me from point A to B for the last two years and when I received that Van, that was a Blessing as an old friend came back into my life and when my Van broke down all of a sudden, she gave me her old Van and I so appreciated that Blessing. So thank you Ms. D, it served me well and thank you to my youngest son who fixed any little thing that needed to be fixed. He babied that Van and I’ll never forget that. I’m told my oldest son looked long and hard and towed the vehicle into town. I had no idea what was up except there was a lot of talk and I wasn’t included. I tried taking each one aside and asking questions which were not getting answered. I said out loud so every one could here, something is going on and I’m the only one who does not know, what the heck. My oldest son should be a dang actor, he really had me fooled with his acting and concern when he mentions, I have to take care of some business, so serious and what not and the youngest acting like he knows nothing. So I call my daughter and I told her I think something strange is going on. Well they’re all dang actors and she comes up with a weird excuse and I buy it because she is always straight with me.

They fooled me and it was a huge and happy surprise, I’ll add this to my pool of Blessings. Hope you all had a beautiful day people…Melvina…..


Positive pay back, I truly believe that what we put out into the Universe, we receive back. This morning I woke and my thoughts took me to certain people. One in particular that is always complaining about all the horrible things that is happening to them. How terrible their situation is in work and in home, nothing ever seems to be going right for them. So every time I speak to them, I’m literally feeling down, that negative energy tries to pull on me and I have to tear myself away, take a deep breath, shake my head. No mater what positive words you bestow on this particular person, they will come back with a negative and their life is not going very well.

The other person I was thinking of is exactly the opposite, this person always looks to the positive. No matter what only positive energy is coming from them. This person will take a negative and find a way to turn it into a positive and truly believes…what you put out into the Universe, you receive back. To me it’s the same as saying and feeling and knowing that when you give all your problems to the Lord and take that energy that you would waste in feeling down, depressed and trudging through life with a heavy chain on one leg. You pick yourself up, feel that positive energy, make yourself move and get things done. All the good energy is coming to you and you are acting accordingly. The good is coming back and you are reaping the benefits. We don’t give something out and sit back in a corner waiting for a miracle, we are the miracle and have already been given spectacular gifts, some we can not imagine. I often say, too soon old, too late smart but I believe that any time in life we can attain the open-ness it takes to realize our own personal powers and all through energy we can open huge doors and take what we want without bashing people over the head.

It’s a mindset, we begin our day in a positive mode. I believe that is why I’m not on medication or crippled up sitting in a wheelchair. I was told by this age, I would be using a walker, in a wheel chair, my hands and feet would be mangled. I met people that said they overcame my condition but they have the scars to show, with the bending of the fingers, and the balled up feet. I told my doctor years ago, the reason I could run up his stairs was because I was of positive mind. He didn’t believe me but gave me cut flowers from his garden anyway. Nine years later, he asked…why are you doing so well, can I run some tests on you. I reminded him about my thoughts on positive energy. He replied, well you know, you can take a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. Today I’m medication free for my rheumatoid arthritis and so many my age are taking from 6 to 20 or more different medications for many ailments. I could see that I was on my way to the same thing when I decided, this is my body dang it and I’m not taking all those meds. I did whatever I had to do and kept that positive thought and overcame some very harsh medications. You can say, I don’t want and sit back or say I will not and do what is necessary to get where you want to be in your health.

Put out into the Universe all that is good, great positive thoughts, wishing your fellow man well. Welcoming new comers and enjoy their differences, do your best not to blame others for what we don’t have, but place your needs and wants out their, work on them and watch them unfold. Talk to God and know that He hears you, He is the Universe, that’s my thoughts, our higher power is huge, massive, invisible, powerful. You can feel the love and you can see the rage, think about it. When someone says to you, I see a rainbow over you, don’t laugh and think it’s nothing. That person is seeing your energy and they stand in awe. When someone looks at you, smiles large and says, every time I see you, I feel good. They are feeling your energy, and you are giving off positive vibes, know it and realize what you have and learn more and more about it.

I’ll end with the obvious…What you put into the Universe, you get back…Melvina…..


Everybody has dreams and goals, everybody looks at those who have made it up that proverbial ladder, watched them raise their arms out far and say, I made it to the top. They looked beyond the rainbow and stepped outside of that box, soared pass their imagination and made it real, yes they made it to the top. Darkness could not hold them, you see some of us realize we have to fly. We can’t have our feet embedded in sinking sand. We have to move pass the norm and we know something special, we know “we can”. We are the very people who will trudge through the storm, kick those obstacles aside, force that smile on our faces, knowing we will more than survive. We know the inevitable will show up one day and yes we will be ready at the time to softly close that curtain but when we close it, it will be with a smile on our faces. We won’t have any dark shadows hanging round, nor regrets to be found. You see we turned our dreams into reality, we attained our goals, we tied up all loose ends, we reunited with old time friends. We passed over that block of insecurity, hurled to the wind that vice of promiscuity, kicked the temptation of drink and drugs, left the crooked road to losers and thugs. We tossed that darkness long ago into the deepest pit and soared through the thickness of anxious pain, raising ourselves to heights where the brightest light continually reigns. We did it and you can do it too…Have a Blessed day everyone.

Written by: Melvina Germain

MONEY…March 22, 2014 at 12:25pm

We’ve heard such phrases…”Money doesn’t grow on trees”, well to some it seems like it does because they have figured out a way to tap into making money and it flows in to their hands. Mr. Gates would be considered someone that has made that happen, he was able to build his own tree so to speak. “Money can’t buy happiness”, think about that…money can pave an easier path in life than can lead you to an abundance of happiness. “Money can’t buy love”…it can present to you, the time needed to spend cultivating a good relationship which leads to “love”…”Money can’t buy life”…Most would say…no way, it can’t. Well, I beg to differ on that too, money can make it possible to extend your life…the tools, the doctors, nurses, the place and whatever is needed to give you that little extra time that you want to spend with family. Having said that, you can see that money can enhance your life greatly.

You might ask the question, “is money a motivator” it doesn’t take rocket science to figure that out now does it. Of course it is in almost every aspect. Some people right now, here in Canada are working and are not satisfied with the money they are making so they take courses here, get what they need here and move on to other places that will pay them more money…(money motivated)…Many of our young athletes want to get into sports, again because the money is good, Oh they love the sport but money is the motivator and we can only hope that they will make it in that field. We lose again some of our best players due to more money in other places. (money motivated).

We can see this boldly right here in Canada where employers have forfeited quality for more money. I was visiting Costco not long ago and a whole lot of demonstrators were displaying items for the consumer to taste. I stepped up and asked a very basic question, only to be stared at with no response. When I questioned again in a stronger voice, I then realized the person probably didn’t understand me. Well that told me right there, the company who hired these people and it’s not Costco by the way. That company is hiring due to saving money on payout, if they hired someone who knew how to handle demonstrating, they would have to pay more, so again (money motivated).

We go on strike in Canada in order to force our employers to pay us more money…(money motivated). We will put our health in jeopardy for the sake of money by working endless hours overtime in order to get more money…(money motivated) Some will take chances and embezzle money from their workplace, many will exploit the poor. (money motivated) Money can bring a lot of light and or a lot of darkness. We make our own decisions, we know what we need, we know what we want. Some have learned how to tap into to the government for grants, easy for some, not so easy for others.

When someone says to you, money is not important, they either have an abundance of it or know how to tap into it, or they are being taken care of by someone else, or simply they have a good job. They might have a trust fund and live off of that for the rest of their life. People who have to work hard in order to feed their families, or Seniors who have no life savings, or those who have fallen through the cracks will never tell you, money is not important. They understand very well, that with it, their lives would become easier to face. We lose many each year due to lack of money through suicide. Many fall out of societies norm and become homeless due to lack of money, many drop from strokes and heart attacks just trying to make that proverbial dollar. Some are micro managed so bad that they feel the pain in their chest while working knowing if they don’t give it up, they’re next in line to drop down or drop dead. Now you see, I fit into that category…re: micro managing…God is good to me though and showed me that darkness and I knew it was time to get out and fast. The lesson was right before my eyes, several ladies dropped with strokes, a couple of heart attacks killed others, and many of the younger employees quit and there I was being micro managed by someone who was also being micro managed. Who was going to drop next, well the third or fourth sign of chest pain, I made the decision to get out and here I’am…

Realize that money is a tool that can help you realize your dreams in life. It is definitely important for your survival and certainly aids in fulfilling your life. We should not devalue others, using them for what they possess or have been given. Fairness is so important in this life, if you are an employer, pay people in a decent amount of time. Sharing is key, if you are receiving and using another individual to help you then you need to include them in the money you are making. If you don’t you are in fact devaluing them.

Unless you are at the point in your life when you can afford to go out and volunteer then you need to be paid for your efforts. When the time comes to volunteer your services, you will know and you can do. I’ve volunteered through my life when I was in a position to do so but had to work hard also to bring in that money. Don’t let people shame you into doing what you can’t afford to do and remember they do not walk in your shoes. Strange how their perspective of you is often far from what truly is. When you reach the point when you can give of your services “free of charge” then you are in a good place and many blessing to you but don’t expect others to do the same, only they walk in their shoes.

Written by: Melvina Germain

Now remember, not everyone will agree with what is shared in this piece, you take what you need and you leave the rest…We can always agree to disagree…..


Today on my timeline, we are discussing some concerns women have and often don’t talk about. I’m putting another in the discussion pool, the menopause. The unforgettable heat and sweating for so many women. Some the horrid night sweats of discomfort, sleepless nights. Having a business meeting and your skin drenched in perspiration.

I remember that devastation and decided the heck with this, I’m going to do what I have to do to sail through this as it is said Black women do. I stripped down at work in the middle of winter to a sleeveless top, while others were wearing their winter coats to shop in the mall, I was bare arms and low neck with short hair. If I poured perspiration while looking after a customer, so what! was my attitude. A couple glared at me while I prepared their package in my store one day and the heat came to visit, wouuu I said and smiled. The man saw me pouring and said, what is wrong with you? They were a beautiful Italian couple, she leaned toward his ear and tried to whisper, you remember when I use to get like that and he looked at her in silence. I gave them their package and stated that I was going through the menopause and it’s a normal situation. I’ll be over it in about 9 more years, I’m one year in. He shook his head and the wife smiled and bid me good-bye.

I was doing great with all the changes I made to compensate. I took my evening primrose oil and maybe it did help a bit because I did go sometimes for hours without a flash and maybe even a day or so. Mostly I wore fewer clothes and that for sure helped, I drank lots of water. We go through this change and many things happen during this phase in our life. Some women do not want to be bothered with men and try to stay far away from them sexually. Some men are totally oblivious to this and even those who are in positions of giving marital advice and so on.

I became very good friends with a Pastor who came to me for his flower needs. During those store visits we shared on different topics and often sat and had a conversation. He came to visit one early afternoon, I assumed he wanted a
boutonniere but that wasn’t the case at all. He asked if he could talk to me and I said sure. He explained, he was very upset because he believed his wife was having an affair with someone. He said she is no longer interested in me, I can’t get close to her. I looked at him and I had met his wife, a very nice, plain Jane woman who I believed only had eyes for him. I would have thought that his wife would be more worried about him looking around. I asked how old she was and he told me, I smiled and told him, your wife is probably going through the menopause. He had no idea what I was talking about. I sat there and gave him detailed information and explained what he should look for and that he ought to have a discussion with her about it. He truly was happy for the information, we never talked about it again after that but he did share that he was concerned that he might have given the wrong advice to others whose wives may have been going through the same thing. I can just imagine.

Husbands, sons, men in general need to have some knowledge of this very real condition that affects 80% of women. The symptoms vary from one to another and some real changes take place that even some women do not know. Doctor’s don’t have all the answers, they learn from us. Back in the day, women were put into mental wards at the hospital and given sometimes shock treatment, how horrible to have to suffer like that for a very natural condition of the body. Memory loss is a big concern, hot flashes as previously mentioned, cold sweats, sleepless nights, bouts of uncontrolled crying. You’ll often hear a woman say, I don’t know why I’m crying. I remember my friend who visited for tea, crying away. I had no idea what was going on. I didn’t know anything about the menopause until I experienced it myself. I learned about it while watching a comedy show and a bald woman was being interviewed by a well known comedian whose name I choose not to remember. She spoke of this insatiable heat and that was my first clue. No doctors, no parents, no friends shared any insight on the matter. You know many Black people have this secrecy they hold on to. Shhhhhh don’t ask her what she has, oh my don’t talk about what he died of. She doesn’t have the right to know that, what’s wrong with her, what? Don’t talk about it. Sorry but I remember back home and that secrecy is still going on.

Share and we’ll all know what’s happening in these beautiful bodies of the female…Melvina


What do we do, when we buy clothes at Walmart, we are supporting the hazardous conditions of workers in Bangladesh. If we boycott Walmart and put the squeeze on them and not purchase any garments from them, we starve the poor. These people, young children etc. need to feed their families, I’ve always said that when people talked about not buying items made in China. We stand in the way of those people being able to feed their families so what do we do.

Some might say, we can send money through donations etc. Well perhaps the sender has great intentions but with the corruption in some of these places, how do we know exactly where that money is going? What then, is it possible to find a direct link to the people and have them helped through donations directly. What do you think the outcome will be of these poor workers.

One of the buildings collapsed in Bangladesh and several workers were found dead. Some were still alive and one young lady was pinned down by two dead bodies. She didn’t want to go to work that day as a day prior, she saw cracks in the building that were not there before. She was afraid the building would fall down and she was correct. Now this poor girl has lost her mother who died that day and she has lost a leg which makes it harder to get back to work. She is willing in mind but her body won’t allow it.

Any idea’s folks, what do we do to help these people…Melvina…..

GOOD RIDDANCE TO 2013…January 2, 2014 at 12:44am

We say good-bye to this horrid number, a year painted Blue,for the coming of gray waters rained an ocean over you. Devastation wreaked with havoc, ripped and tore foundations loose. Some lost a lifetime of treasures and homes we need anew. Rise up and live, start from scratch and build again. You learned of great compassion with many gatherings of new found friends. Praise God much life was not lost, though death visited a few, we bow our heads in prayer, may God watch over all of you.

I felt the pain of the demon once again, that bold constricting evidence. My heart bled with a slow burning fire, as its embers whispered deep. I’m here to pull you down again, I’ll see you drop and weep. I wanted to cry out and scream, nooo this can’t be happening. Surely the beast is old and weary and ready to fall to sleep. Far from the truth, my eyes and soul could not deny as I sat with an empty vessel by my side. His spark had long ago ceased, laying dead while being alive. Swallowed in the jaws of pain, beaten down by societies brutes, robbed by evils heavy hand, addicted by the wrath of man. Black Angel, you are alone, though you try continually to please. That feminine beast wore a cowards cloak and ruled a narcissistic sleeve.

Cowardly beings can no longer uplift. Many answers were vivid on a cold sliced Day. No music, blues or jazz could tear such pain away. Red beast so slight and short, with a mask of innocence, held power over the mass. Still good Samaritans quietly showed their faces and one dared to speak a word or two, but evil had spread its blanket and those who spoke could not be heard.

That racist prick came back to bite me in the ass in the year 2013. Now I stand with eyes opened wide ready to pounce if ever need be. I’ll not be ruled by that demon again, it will not tower over me.

Evil has many followers and they come sometimes in one, two, three. I’ve had my share in 2013, more than one has followed me. Though I’ve never parted, I felt its daggers tear my flesh. It’s brutal force of evil tainted my soul, and as my life uprooted from the core, I asked my God, how much can I take, will you keep allowing more and more. Fingers of control pointed with daggers in their tips, ruled from the white tall pedestal with a powerful silent voice. I’m throwing you to the pit of doom and you’ll not have a choice. That demon will find it’s karma and soon will fade and die. I’ll not bow my head to pray, nor uplift my eyes to the sky. I’ve learned in 2013 that the fight for me is not over. As long as you have those you love and care so deeply about, O you’ll stand by their side and be ready to scream and shout.

Manipulation does not befall me, my mind is focused clear, and those who wish me not to pray can stay the hell over there. Tolerance is not on my menu, acceptance is all He wrote, all differences are a Blessing, and such with me stands vividly dear. Say good-bye to 2013, for some… bent screws were tight. Others felt sharp knives pierce their very soul, while heartache provoked them in the midst of a sleepless night.

O death you crawled the rivers, the valleys and mountains too. You left nothing uncovered, touching many who feared the likes of you. An unwelcomed visitor to most though some held open their arms. I cried a river, once, twice, thrice and more, you know it’s true. And if new deaths were not enough, you brought back memories of the year before and made me stand there gazing as if waiting at death’s door. I gazed at a family member, a youth of many wounds, my tears flowed like a river as I held my head within my room. I looked upon a man whose eyes sunk deep inside and he recalled a day when his wife in his arms did die. O yes many tears befell the memories in the year 2013 and I realized it’s truth as I laid within a dream. Memories of a good friend who

walked boldly deaths lonesome road, no fear, only a smile as she quietly slipped away. I was not there for her last breath but I remember vividly standing by her side for many a beautiful day. Now the curtain of death, slowly closed it’s window to the passing of the year. I say good riddance to 2013, how I wish you were never here.

May 2014 be a year to remember, create beautiful memories to recall. May Jesus be your guide, while our Father in Heaven watches over all.

Blessings to all of you this 2014-01-02

” LITTLE SISTERS”…….This post is for… “coming out” young ladies…January 15, 2014 at 9:49am

A man who cries without embarrassment, who rejoices with tears. A man who caresses you when you need it the most, who shows how much he cares. A man who provides and protects, this is the man you honor and will never regret…

I smile while writing these words, remembering my youth. All the girls gathering around, gazing at handsome boys. Laughing and giggling, dreaming… all wondering what it would be like to be their girlfriend, basing everything on “LOOKS”. Mom’s and Dad’s you needed to be grooming your young ladies long before the teenage years. All it takes is one good looking jock to cause years of pain. It may seem cute to some to see their children playing out adult roles and you think, O don’t worry it won’t go far. I shake my head when I say that as I’ve seen over the years many young girls who became pregnant.

True story…At age thirteen, Sheila is pregnant by the good looking boy down the street. Now where did cute go. Some parents need to take their heads out of the sand. The first stupid question a parent asks after a child becomes pregnant is…how did that happen? The school for gosh sake was offering to conduct sex education classes. When Sheila came home with a letter asking for your signature, you said no. Why I asked…We have to protect our children from that, when the time comes, I will teach them. Lady… the time came and went and now you have a baby on the way and who will care for this child. How does one hold back on teaching a child, preparing them so they know when and what to say “NO” too.

You left your daughter wide open, you didn’t take her to the doctor to arrange protection in case the act took place. No of course not, and I’ll tell you why…You said…My little Sheila is still a virgin, she doesn’t need protection. I wonder if that was the same Sheila we saw emerging from Tommy J’s house when Mom and Dad were not home. So when you ask the question…how did that happen, you should have a basket full of answers.

We really need to think long and hard when raising our young ladies. Answer all questions, do not hold back, if they don’t find out from you, they’ll find out perhaps the hard way. I remember when I was about 14 years old, this is so ridiculous, I don’t even want to say it but my Aunt had a big belly again. Finally one day, I asked her why her belly was so big. She smiled at me and told me, you come back when your 15 and I’ll tell you. You know, this seems really strange to write but it’s true.

I made the decision years later to answer all questions my children asked of me. Now my husband would not take part in that but I had no problem in that regard. I see girls today, who look to be age 17 or 18, in fact they are 12 & 13 with full make-up, fancy nails, high heel shoes. Personally I think this invites trouble especially if your girls are not taught properly. You’re setting them up for something they will not know how to deal with. Back in the day to be a virgin into your twenties wasn’t such a big deal. Now to be a virgin at age 15 is amazing. Young girls are losing their virginity at age 10 and 11. I heard the other day on TV, a young girl gave birth at age 11.

We really need to take charge in bringing forth young ladies who love themselves, who know they are worthy, who refuse to settle, girls who will set goals, know what they want out of life and be able to focus on that.

Girls who realize they are not entertainment for young or old men. Girls who know their power and understand they are the ones who bring forth the miracles of life. Remember this girls, if you decide not to bring children into this world, there will be no children. God gave this to you, He gave you the gift of bringing forth the miracles in this life, the future comes through you… Know it! You make all decisions, you decide when that will happen so only “YOU” are in charge.

Young ladies you need to learn to step away from jealousy and stand with your sisters helping to empower each other, to love and care for each other. You need to form a chain of love, caring and protecting each other. I’m not suggesting that you segregate yourselves from boys, of course not, but you must know how to behave properly. Learning to use the word “NO” is key and use it with strength, “NO” means “NO”, not yes like some young men think…

Right now the world is changing and it’s changing quickly for the worse not the better. What we don’t need are more children to add to orphanages, to foster homes or to the inside of wrecked cars in the arms of the homeless.

I encourage you to get your education, have self love, know that you are number one. Know how to protect yourself, stay out of harms way, listen intently and be aware. Above all, realize that your body is a temple and you should not settle but expect to get the best out of this life. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad about any of that because believe me, you deserve the best. Life is not going to be easy but with patience, it will be what you want it to be. I love you my little sisters with all my heart…

Written by: Melvina Germain…..

TRIBUTE TO STAY AT HOME MOM’S… October 22, 2011 at 8:02am

Stay At Home Moms… personally I’m in awe of them, however I think for the most part
they are taken for granted and not respected.

I wonder, do we know what we’re talking about when we discuss the “Stay At Home
Mom” I might also ask, do we judge them inappropriately as women who simply don’t
want to work, consider them lazy perhaps. Could they be considered self-centered,
or are they women who need a man to support them.

Does society recognize their importance or help create children who become beligerent,
that bully syndrome, constantly bickering and complaining about the other kids moms.
You know the scenario, (Billy’s mom works, you just stay at home all day, doing nothing).

Do we cause her to feel inadequate at work functions, she attends with her husband.
Demean her with references brash and unfair.

When your colleagues are discussing their latest promotions, do they look at mom and
ask, what do you do for a living dear, and await in silence with a whisper, shhhhh she
doesn’t work.

Let me ask you a question, have you been watching the news lately. If so, has our
crime rate diminished or is it flourishing. Has depression taken its tole on the young. Is
the suicide rate higher or lower than back in the day. Has society become better or
worse. Are we excelling to the best of our ability. Is marriage a thing of the past.

We as a society have taught our children and our stay at home moms that they are
not worthy. We have stolen their self esteem and badgered them into getting a job.
Stay at home moms are worth just as much as a CEO, why…she is training the next
CEO. Every month without complaint their should be a cheque placed into her bank
account. We need to appreciate what this woman does on a daily basis and not take
it for granted. She should not at any time, be hunting in her purse for a few cents,
or feel controled by not having money or having to ask hubby for money. We all need
to recognize their worth.

We need to acknowledge her strengths, her intelligence, her softness and her ability
to negotiate, become a mediator, a motivator and a closer in all situations relating to
her children.

Society as a whole needs to instill the importance of the stay at home mom. Personally,
I think the idea of being a stay at home mom should be brought into the schools and
courses should reflect the importance.

All working people should respect the stay at home mom. Her job is endless, her
direction must be met with a clear functioning head. She too has the responsibility of,
teaching her children and others of her importance.

The “Stay At Home Mom” must always walk proud, head held high, shake hands with
others and demand respect. When one says, “I’m a stay at home mom” say it with
conviction, love yourself, you rock.

Truly we must celebrate our “Stay at home moms”. A bouquet of flowers every now
and then. A greeting card stating “I love and appreciate everything you do for me and
our children”. An arranged weekend getaway without the kids. How about a piece of
fancy lingerie for a special day off, away from home.

Men it doesn’t matter what field of work you’re in, truck drivers, taxi drivers, construction
workers, lawyers, doctors, accountants, vacumn cleaner salesmen, hair dressers, movie
directors, mailmen, courier drivers. No matter, their are floral shops all over the city.
Appreciate what you have, coming home to a meal on the table is almost a thing of the

Stay at home moms, are precious, they’re intelligent, dedicated and commited to many
years of hard work and should be treated accordingly. At your next work meeting where
the wife is invited, impliment a segment with tribute to stay at home moms attending,
acknowledgment is key.

A “Stay at home mom” is just as important as our top leaders, for she is training the
leaders of the future.

May I raise my glass to you “Stay At Home Moms”, I appreciate you, I’m grateful for
you and I love you…..

Written by: Melvina Germain…Date: October 22/2011


Today we watch our TV’s and we hear that a man is dead. A very powerful
and evil man, a terrorist who caused so much havoc in the lives of many. We
truly recognize that this man was covered with an evil veil, that he oozed the
giving of pain and destruction.

What did we do when we heard the news about this torturous man, this evil
human being. Did we stand and bow our heads in silence, knowing this one
particular man has been removed from God’s earth or did we stand, laugh and
jump around, cheering with adulation, celebrating the death of a man. I find
this behavior unsettling to say the least. It looks to me that Osama Bin Laden
won the battle. He managed to transmit his dark side to a mass of people who
are suppose to be peaceful human beings.

Don’t you find that characterization rather barbaric, it seems to me we are living
in the past, forgetting where we’ve come from, forgetting lessons taught and
learned, forgetting we are children of God. My personal feelings are, when we
celebrate because a person has passed away, we celebrate the life of that person.
If there is no life to celebrate, we simply let them go and dispose of the body still
in a respectful manner.

The mind of this person was somehow distorted as a young person. We don’t
know why or how but we should remember there was a time when there was
no evil. A time when he felt the warmth of parental love, he is a mothers son, a
fathers son, a grandparents grandchild. What happened, that’s what we need
to look at “what happened” so history does not repeat itself.

Many of you may not agree with me and that’s ok, try to look past the hate and
anger. We dwell on the disgusting deeds and we react to them somewhat in the
same detrimental way. We need to look past the darkness and focus on the why,
so it doesn’t happen again and again and again.

These acts of destruction are prevalent throughout history. We must put our
heads together in a constructive manner, work together as one to circumvent
the recurrence of such destruction.

Please note, I do not in any way diminish the absolute truth of this destruction
caused by Osama Bin Laden. The pain he injected into peaceful, loving families,
the absolute horrendous loss of loved ones. No! that we must never forget and
in so remembering, we must look for the answers as to why and act accordingly.
The bottom line is this…it is necessary to find peace so we can all live on this
earth in harmony. I truly believe we can do this globally.

Written by: Melvina Germain
Date: May 04/2011


Blessings, you know I’ve written many times, “you never know what’s on the road ahead”. I’ve also written, God never leaves me and He most certainly hears my prayers. Yes indeed He does, I also say that God has a weird sense of humor and we all know, He acts in His time not ours.

This new phase of life for me as a senior has been a huge eye opener. I’m in the process of making some huge decisions. I’ve had as many do, my ups and downs but you know, during those downs, God is watching and when you least expect it something amazing happens. I won’t go into great detail but He has Blessed me tremendously these last few weeks and has shone a beautiful light on my family. He has given me precisely what I asked for and believe me, He was more than generous.

A beautiful person entered our lives, one with a wonderful demeanor, a loving smile and soothing words. One that makes my child very happy and that makes me happy. Another person, though a little shy, has my heart and I smile large when I see her and the starry eyes of youth walked in the door and I could immediately see her beautiful light. Thank you God for all you do and for the presence of your son Jesus as He stands by me. All my shortages were immediately taken care of just out of the blue. I stood in awe and sat and counted my Blessings, I’m not a perfect person but let me tell you, God doesn’t forget me and Jesus pats me on the back letting me know all will be well.

I’ve spent a couple of quiet nights alone enjoying my own company, smiling, crying and outwardly laughing. My dogs love when I stay home and they are my only company. I’ve been abundantly Blessed to own such smart and loving dogs, they do their job well taking care of this family and they are two precious family members as well. lol I wasn’t very happy when I came in the house yesterday though and my poly-optic tree was on the floor and my tulle and netting ripped down. They have their ways of saying, hey! you left us too long. Well they’re real happy now, the house is full.

My Grandson called, Granma don’t buy a turkey, I’m bringing the turkey this year, well thank you and Jesus too. My oldest son took a new job and smiles now every time he walks through the door and he’s happy when the weather is horrid lol so I’m happy too. My youngest son, answers the phone and yells wahoo, what he was hoping for came through. My daughter comes to visit and runs from the car smiling and jumping with huge smiles on her face and if this isn’t enough happy, God says gurrl, yeah that’s how He talks to me, here’s what you’ve been asking for and I almost dropped, he covered my palm and I couldn’t see the skin. With all of that, the Blessings never stopped lol, O I can smile and I can laugh. I had to go back to the store to buy a few more things that were not in my budget, hmmm well that’s just how it is. So off to Co-op and I chose my items, always more than I go in for, that’s me.

A vibrant and beautiful young lady was ahead of me making the clerks laugh. She turned, saw me and I was smiling at her. She mentioned how her mama forgot a couple of items and she just ran back and they let her in the head of the line-up. Then she noticed I had cat food, Oh! she exclaimed, I forgot the cat food, I’ll be right back, I said ok hurry, I’ll keep your space open and looked slightly at others in the line-up and one lady gave me the eye, I just smiled at her. The young lady came back, here I’am and we both laughed. The clerk began to ring up her items and the young lady told the clerk, take her groceries and add them to my bill. I said, what, she said, they’re on me today. I said, O my gosh, paying it forward, I wanted everyone to hear, she said…yes. We walked out together, I continued to talk to her and said, you never know what God is going to do and she smiled and said, that’s so true, He is so good and she smiled large. Jada is her name, I asked her to spell it for me in the line-up as my ears weren’t picking it up as she repeated it.

I had a tear or two on the drive home and talked to God a lot. He never,ever leaves me. When I say, God is good, I mean God is good…Well it’s 7:27am and I must get my supper started soon, I wanted to share some of my Blessings with all of you. I’m off to begin my day. Once again, Merry Christmas and have a beautiful day…Melvina…..

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