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Manipulation…Recognize It

March 23rd, 2015 · No Comments

Before I tell you one of my experiences with manipulation, I think we first must clearly understand what manipulation is. Clearly it is the management of the mind, put into force by those who are so calculated and often extremely controlling. They know you better than you know yourself, they act on your vulnerabilities, your needs materialistically perhaps, your lack of attention, love, your loneliness and so on.

Some manipulators are masters of what I call their crafty art, yes indeed. They are very skillful, extremely controlling, quite patient and confident that they will succeed in their quest. Arrogance plays a roll as well and sometimes it is that arrogance that pulls the plug on them. Many manipulators are people with a lot of money, so it is not your money they are after, no it’s your soul they wish to own for a time and willing to pay for it, at your expense. You know, back in the day, way back and even now I’m sure, their were people who had entry to palaces and government buildings, who mingled as if they belonged, were well known but no one really knew who they were. They often shared in intimate gatherings, and spent much time conversing with the hierarchy, smooth, intelligent people who knew how to handle themselves in close situations with people of high standard. Many very intelligent people who have been victimized by the art of manipulation.

I remember President Kennedy wondering how a certain person got into and actually sat at the front where many officials could not get a seat but this gentleman was always there and was very well know but no one really knew who he was. I would like to read about this particular person, I picked that up in a TV interview quite some time ago.

Manipulation can be a beast as it blankets much evil, brainwashing, actually changing the way a person thinks, their attitudes and behavior totally distorted. Drugs and physical abuse can destroy ones mind, leaving them with a lifetime of trauma. Personally I’ve always thought “shock treatment” was a form of physical abuse and extremely manipulative. I’ve seen patients before and after and they were totally disoriented and couldn’t remember who I was. At the time, I felt those people though in a legal mental institution were in fact being victimized.

Manipulation is present in adolescence on, some youngsters manipulate very well, however they don’t really understand that what they are doing is considered wrong until they are taught. Babies in fact, don’t manipulate Mom’s, crying is their way of communicating. Manipulation is present in all races, among the poor and the rich. The difference is how it is illustrated, the small time thug, perhaps is quick talking, shifty eyed, liars. Quite often it is their body language that gives them away. A relatively smart person will figure them out in no time at all.

Beware however, of the smooth talking, debonair or beautiful person who slowly penetrates you, gaining your trust. Manipulation under duress is brutal. This form literally forces people to do what they know will affect them adversely. Getting a person when they are down, the signing of documentation etc. The calculating, the mind games, wearing a person down. This is cruel and disgusting but the manipulator doesn’t care, his or her only concern is to have things go the way they want.

Often whole countries are manipulated by those of other countries where the manipulator is paid large to go into a country, bring the country to a high where everybody is happy and then pull the plug. Read the book called: Confessions of an economic hit man…Now that’s quite an eye opener of what manipulation is all about. I’ll stop here. This is a time where you must read and educate yourself in order to protect you and your family.

Below, I explain one small experience I had with manipulation. I had a work experience that just blew me away, I watched one man control several, it was amazing. I’ll share that situation another time.
My Experience
I really felt the need to share this with you. I think I’ve met the devil and by golly it’s a “woman”. Don’t beat me up! This person was so smooth, with those devious eyes trying to appear so dam sweet. I’ve known this person for a little while now and wondered about her. I really wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt and didn’t want to judge her. Having said that, when you are trying to hurt someone I truly love or care about and I pick up on it…look out! I sat and listened to what I believe is a form of grave evil without lifting a finger, she was throwing it out. All in body language, hurtful, yet very soft words, the pretense to care. Now what this evil witch didn’t realize was her eyes were totally giving her away and my inner self was rumbling with that fearful feeling. I was becoming sick while sitting listening to her and when I got up to walk away, I was weak and almost fell down. Truly I was touched by an evil hand without her physically touching me. Never have I had anyone try to do such a job of manipulation on me only to have me be the person who finishes her intent by carrying it out on someone else. In other words this woman was trying to use me to hurt someone else, but in essence doing her best to make it appear that she cares. Always look into peoples eyes when you speak to them, the eyes never lie. If you become nervous, fearful and sick, you are in the company of evil, beware. Today I will meet with the person that is the true target and hope that I can express precisely what is going on. This person is very smart and I’m sure will see immediately as it will answer many questions for them. Listen to the “you” and let your body unfold the truth to manipulation. This is a very powerful word “manipulation” don’t get swallowed up in those who think they are the masters of it…..

Written by: Melvina Germain

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