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My Date With Racism

March 23rd, 2015 · No Comments

My Date Wtih Racism (True Story)

The day was a treat and so exciting too. Taken to a place
you never dreamed you’d ever be invited too. However,
soon evil would rear it’s ugly head and your heart became
heavy as if beaten down with lead.

It’s lovely how the mind stores the beautiful things away
and pulls them nicely while enjoying a peaceful day. But
every now and then darkness will protrude and sting like
a bee, and the mind is ripped open so you can boldly see.

The voice of racism creeps its way into your mind , trying
its best to push your beautiful thoughts behind. You ponder
for awhile on that place you wish you never went. A mask
held tightly over a huge local event. O how to deceive the
masses and veiled, covered talent. A smile, an invitation,
a shake of the hand and that glory of fame rules.

We dance like puppets when we want to get in the door,
allowing power to put us down so much more. Compassion
seems lost in those you thought so high, and one finds
out how small that tower can shrink from God’s azure sky.
Yes one sits bemused with much time to retreat and think.

You wonder, why did God allow this snake to bite you again.
After years of peace and the most beautiful long time friends.
That blasted hand of racism came to visit you on a day of
supposed fun, but you were chased like an animal with weak
voices following orders and you and a new friend were on the
run. Coming down from the mask wearer of bold supremacy,
one may have no idea how vile and cruel racism can truly be.

With all the ugliness and the horror of the day. A Black Angel,
so beautiful and kind, filled with compassion and love straight
from the heart, does his best to give you comfort right from the
start. You realize God has placed a trickle of light to see you
through and you take a deep breath knowing God’s Angel is
there with you. O He sent you more than one on that dark,
dismal day, and taught you a great lesson which stopped you
in your tracks, as the light bulb grew brighter you knew you
must take a few steps back.

So I thank the spirits in the cosmos most high and the
glittering stars that soar so beautifully in the sky. Without God’s
continuous beauty and His gentle fingers on my soul. I may
have been lost from the light and fell to darkness in a deep
and endless hole.

Written By: Melvina Germain

Tags: Racism

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