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My Thoughts…By: Melvina Germain

March 23rd, 2015 · No Comments


My Thoughts # 12 (Feb. 7/2015

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening…Wishing everyone of you a beautiful and Blessed day or evening.

Once again, I found myself siting and having conversation with self wondering what truly is “balance”. Does society allow us to have balance in our lives, are we so involved in the teaching of society that we become absorbed in the expectations of others.

We hear a lot of talk referring to balance but do we personally think about what we are balancing out. What is it that we have to balance, well, I’m thinking about that very strongly this morning. While I’m still thinking, I’m writing.

We tend to look up to those who we consider by the value society places on certain circumstances as “making it”. Whether that be in our education or in a financial circumstance, once we have acquired a certain status in life, we have made it. Society will show us what it means to make it…in education, we have great ceremonies with the beautiful long black gowns, or red depending on how high the degree. We look in awe of the accomplishments of those people and often we celebrate with them, they made it.

I recall watching my Grandson walk through the doors of Jubilee auditorium and I felt so good inside to see him in his black gown about to walk the stage and receive his honor, his certificate that stated, you made it. I felt a great deal of accomplishment. There is nothing to say that anything at all is wrong with that, we were joyful and we most certainly celebrated and that day will never be forgotten.

We look up to people that so call…make it…but there are many people who will not walk the stage to receive an honor. Society teaches us, they did not make it so a large amount of people will consider them as failures and hold a certain amount of disrespect for them. So where is the balance here, we have a favourable circumstance and an unfavourable circumstance. We have then allow ourselves to be affected by two different circumstance. One being perhaps, honor and one being disgrace.

We become elated with the light and deflated with the dark as so being taught by society. Somehow we forget to realize the person who can not walk the stage and receive a degree may excel somewhere else and be high in a different regard. So is that like holding education hostage over someone who does not have the ability to pass through that mode, I wonder.

Later in life we see that same person that didn’t “make it”, but managed to open certain businesses in which he or she excelled and made a lot of money. Well now, society says, their back in, money talks. They are now placed on a pedestal due to their financial gain. Here we go with a well accepted circumstance called “prosperity” and we rejoice in that. Now if we are concerned about balance we also see the circumstance of decline where we lost the ability to like this person in their former situation. Bringing us now four different circumstances, honor, disgrace, prosperity and decline.

Oh oh, the economy takes a dive and the pedestal dweller falls from his or her throne, down down deep. Does society protect this individual whom they praised when the going was good…In most cases “no” you got it, we just found another circumstance…that of praise when the going was good but lets balance that out with yet another circumstance being that of censure. We humans are known to become critical and will look this individual in the eye and defame them. Financially they are ruined, the financial institutions will not stand by them, others shake their heads and show disapproval with defaming comments. I knew he or she wouldn’t make it anyway. Scowls of nature, brutes of society, we see it boldly.

We have now covered six circumstances and I’m managing to balance them out, not bad eh…This poor individual is crushed and begins to make some bad decisions or perhaps continuing to make bad decisions. The alcohol comes into play and one fools themselves into believing they are enjoying themselves while intoxicated, self medicating as it were. Involving themselves in promiscuity, the pleasures of the deep, but while in this state of mind, the circumstance of pleasure is apparent. Yes indeed and now we need to balance that out, what comes next, I see it bold and clear, the circumstance of suffering.

We now have found eight circumstances that affect us in life…Let me run them down for you…The favourable circumstances are…Prosperity, Praise, Honor and Pleasure…The setbacks are…Censure, disgrace, decline and suffering. All of these circumstances affect each and every one of us every day of our lives whether we realize it or not. It may be conscious or subconscious. But knowing they exist is the first step in finding a way not to be affected by any of them. We don’t balance them no, we acknowledge that they exist and we find a way to overcome them.

We as humans allow ourselves to be swayed in one direction and delve into that circumstance for a long time for example. We may be overjoyed and we will celebrate to the hilt and may go over the edge or we may be burdened with grief and fall down deep in depression. Having said that, we realize we are affected by several of the said circumstances. We need to learn not to get all caught up in any given situation, not to be too overjoyed that it brings us pain and not to be so unhappy that we cave in and again bring ourselves pain, now that is the true balance. We take those two sets that I mentioned and we refuse to allow ourselves to be caught up in any of them. We learn not to be affected at all which brings us to a place of security, where we are in touch with self and understanding of others and we learn to live in that calm, that tranquil and meaningful existence.

This train of thought came forth after reading about the 8 winds, I found myself immersed in their meaning and wanted to share my thoughts on that. the 8 winds being the circumstances I mentioned throughout.

Well folks, those were my thoughts this morning and with that I’m taking a huge sigh and will make myself a cup of tea. Melvina…..
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Written by: Melvina Germain
Date: Feb. 7/2015

My Thoughts (current #11) Dec. 15/2014

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening. Once again I woke up with thoughts roaming through my mind and for the most part I smile. I know many of you realize this by now, it’s so much easier to be nice to a person than to be mean. When one thinks back to certain situations where you were verbally or physically mean to someone and be honest with yourself. I think for the most part you realize you didn’t feel good about that situation and you might have that gnawing sensation inside of regret.

For some it may be too late to rectify or perhaps you no longer converse with this person or the inevitable took place and the person has passed on. When people are totally honest with themselves and can see the wrongness in any unhappy situation, being at peace with yourself will keep you in a place where you can feel good about “you”.

As I age, I find it much easier to apologize when I realize I’ve made a mistake. Sometime the realization is immediate, sometime it might take a day or two. Now, if I’m with that person, I simply look them in the face and apologize. If its days later, I’ll pick up the phone and do the same. You’re not responsible for how they react, you are only responsible for you so never feel bad about apologizing. They either accept it or don’t. Whatever the outcome is, you know within yourself you did the right thing.

I had an associate awhile back, we were both competing for the same contracts. I was a very competitive person and I acted as such. We ended up not speaking to each other and kept our distance. One day I was sitting in an office waiting for an interview for a position I longed for. Well this person walked in the office and we eyeballed each other and spoke saying, hello. The office manager came and told us we would have to come back after lunch. Well, there was a restaurant downstairs so we decided to have lunch together. During that time we were able to air out a lot of pent up frustration, ending up smiling and laughing at some of the foolish things we did, acknowledging our wrongs and our rights.

We had a great lunch and I know I felt so good about that day. We went back upstairs still wanting the same position but that was fine. We did what we knew we had to do but it was…may the best person win with no hard feelings. I’m so happy I had that opportunity to make peace with her. A few weeks later, I received a visit at my business by a mutual friend and she gave me the news that our associate had passed away and she came by to tell me how happy she was to hear that we had made peace and asked if I would be able to attend the funeral. Well, I felt bad that she died and a lesson was learned even from her death. Literally the business killed her, a story for another time. I remember sitting and thanking God for giving me that opportunity to make peace with her, so now I have no regrets. We made it right.

There is nothing worse than listening to people who are close to death, cry out asking for forgiveness to people who are not standing by their side. “If only I could do it over”…”I wish I hadn’t done that”…”Why did I hurt him or her like that”…and they squeeze your hand, telling you how sorry they are. Why wait that long, what does it hurt to say…”I’m sorry, I made a mistake or I had no right to judge you, I’m sorry I hurt you”…You can’t run away from it, it catches up to you, even thirty or forty years later and who needs those dark thoughts when you become an old man or woman. Pick up the dang phone, stop thinking you’re the only right person in this world and everyone else owes you. When the arrogance no longer works for you, when the body begins to break down and the mind faces truth. You are in a different place and karma loves to come by, sit down and share brutally with you.

So…who did you hurt lately, what horrid words spewed from your tongue, who did you judge verbally, who did you demean, what words did you use to cut someone down, who did you whisper about in the back row of an event, who did you slap in the face. Do you feel bad about any way you’ve treated anyone whether they know it or not. If so, what does it hurt to pick up the phone, knock on a door and say, I’m sorry.

We also need to realize, some people live their lives being mean, this is how they get what they want. They’ve learned the art of strategic thinking and how to dissolve and create and every mean is a winning situation to them. Be careful, these people can make your life a living hell if you are not aware of them. It goes without saying, be careful who you invite into your life. If you are one of those people, then none of this applies to you, you will do what you’re going to do to get what you want without care but your time will come. The only problem with that mindset is at the time when you need some of those people, the only person by your side might be those who didn’t really care about you but they’re there for the show. Or the cold white uniform who has to serve another twenty-five patients like you and simply has no time to hold your hand.

It is what it is…Well you know the drill, take what you can use and leave the rest.
My thoughts this morning, shared with all of you…Melvina…..

As My Thoughts Unfold (#10) (Current)

You know what we shouldn’t have time for in this life is …”Hate”…what good is hate. We clearly see today that hate blasts nothing but total despair, total darkness, the ruination of people, the ripping of the future of a race. We hear of babies, toddlers, young girls and boys murdered in the streets, who knows how many…lack of education with school closures and all of this is the meaning of that four letter word “Hate”…

What promotes such devastation, do I have the audacity to give my view, well it’s a five letter word called “greed”. When we don’t want to share and think we have risen too high and power has yielded it’s mighty sword without love attached, we clearly see where all of this took us…we become wreck-less and abusive to the point of murder and we do our best to devour the weak.

We fight over “land”, why must any human being fight over land, there is more land in this world to house every human being, so why must we fight. Is there no happy place to come to, is there no sitting down and working our issues out. Must we show always how powerful we are with the hurling of hateful words, with the mighty power of steel armor, guns, canons and the threat of chemical warfare. I’ve said it before and others have also, if we stop the fighting and had no need for the Military because we learned to stand and rest on earth in peace. We would clearly be able to make sure there were absolutely no homeless anywhere in the whole world. That’s how much money is poured into violence.

How do we respect those who wish us to kill, what animals or less than animals does the small percent of power turn us into. We are killing people who we don’t know, who did nothing to us, we are killing often innocent women and children, old people, disabled people all for the mighty buck when you really think about it. When we are finished killing we come back to our families a totally different person, but the very people who sent you out to kill are doing well and living a great life. You may become homeless, living with PTSD, hurting your family and they wonder what happened to Mom or Dad, what did they go through while out there in the fields of battle. We have allowed those who speak for us to manipulate us, to trample upon us. Clearly we are the sheep with no say, because we’re afraid to be heard, When will the average human being stand up and speak out, when will we realize we have value and our views need to be heard. When do we stand up for that dying child who was mercilessly shot down, when do stop making excuses for abusers, when do we take a stand in the name of freedom.

Do you see what is going on in this world or are you hiding from the truth that so abundantly surrounds you. Are you one to think this will not affect you. Affecting you means, affecting your Children, your Grand-children and it goes down the line. Do you want to see your Children in situations they can’t get out of because they have become powerless with no way of ever empowering themselves. The hand of power has its ways to destroy a lifetime of people.

Does this sound ridiculous to you, you better check your history and look beyond, inside, around and seek the truth. You’ve heard it before…The truth will set you free, well knowledge is the optimum sea…It is a weapon beyond weapons. Be strong, be smart, be a strategic thinker and most of all keep your mind and body clean…that’s your temple, remember that…My Thoughts..Melvina…July 31/2014

As My Thoughts Ulnfold (#09)

I find it much easier to be nice than to be mean, much better to be happy for someone than to be jealous of them. I’m finding it soothing to be humble and a Blessing to be surrounded by people who care for me and respect me. I hold no malice to any man or woman though sometimes disappointment does come my way. Usually I take a big sigh, give my head a shake and move forward paving a new path. I’ve come to realize we are our own best friend and sometimes people lie hoping to save you the pain, I also realize it’s best to shine the light of truth and never worry about slip ups again. All in all, I feel quite Blessed to be here today and to be able to share my thoughts with all of you..Melvina…June 15/2014

AS My Thoughts Unfold (# 8)

I woke early once again this morning and came here, shared a few things then went back to bed. I had a dream of my Grandmother, I won’t go into details but I will share some words with you. When you lose someone, don’t listen to those that say to you, “it takes a year to get over a death” that’s simply not true. Loss by death is chronic, it’s not the same as losing a lover, or a friend, after all they are still here and visible. To lose someone to death is like a chronic illness, it never goes away. We learn to live with that pain and learn to push it deep within. Though we accept the fact that they are gone, there is always a hole deep inside and we continue to miss them. I know it’s different for everyone, we all grieve differently, some of us go into deep depression for a lifetime and can only survive on medication to help mask the pain. Unfortunately that’s all that medication does, yes it masks the pain for a time but the flare ups still come back.

I look at death perhaps different than many, I truly believe it is a new life and we live on in spirit. I also believe that if we have an open mind, we will discover that those we lost have ways of communicating with us. Go ahead, call me crazy or delusional, there was a time, I would care about that but not anymore, I could care less what others think of me in that regard. I know what I know, and sometimes I’m soothed by that communication, and sometimes it concerns me. I wonder, what is the message. I can’t remember the last time I dream t about my Grandmother, I didn’t like the dream, it was very sad. Why now, well perhaps with the passing of Maya Angelou, much is on my mind.

Losing a Child, Mother, Father, Grand parent, Spouse, Family Members, Best friend, Mentor…we literally lose our anchors, those who supported us, who helped us build a foundation. When we lose one or two, it’s difficult but we deal with that. When we lose many in a short time, our foundation if not solid enough begins to crumble and we ourselves are sinking into darkness. You see, realization comes blatantly on days when problems arrive where once, you could pick up the phone and say, Sue, I need to talk to you, Ila, I need to come and see you, Ceddie, I need your help, Alene, do you have time for tea. Uncle Roy, I’m coming to visit soon, Aunt Mar, I got a new piece of jewellery for you, you’re going to love it. Well you sit down, place your palms together and stare into space, realizing you can’t do any of those things, these people have all passed on and now you are pretty much on your own. O yes, that day comes only too quickly, you must be ready or it will be a rude awakening…

Well now, what does all of this tell us…we have ourselves, we are our own best friend, we will not leave us, we are there to the end. We must be our own foundation and learn to stand strong. We have to look after our whole body, our mind, body and soul. Hence, realizing it is a process that never ends, we nourish it as we nourish a garden, day to day. We do not mar our vision with substances, with unnecessary pills, with useless sugar and fats. We treat our body as it is, a temple and in doing so, we are giving thanks to our creator.

Life is complex indeed, but we will survive when we realize we are truly all we have and everything and everyone else is a bonus that we can appreciate. Clearly we are number one. Once we acknowledge that fact, we will be strong and able to deal with the complexities of life. Be well, Be safe and Be kind…You know what’s next…take what you can use and leave the rest…”Love Is The Answer”.

Written by: Melvina Germain
Date: May 30/2014

AS My Thoughts Unfold (#7)

You know help creates help, love creates love. The more you give, the more you receive. Give without that in mind and be happy in doing so and watch the Blessings begin to pour like rain. You’ll wonder, what is happening, what did I do, well… somebody is always watching you. Let your gifts to others be straight from the heart and learn to accept and appreciate. Times may be tough but little things will trickle in your life, surprising things, situations will change in a moment and you’ll stand in awe as all that you thought impossible comes together.

Pain will dissipate and you’ll realize that you are free and wonder why, what happened, you’ll gaze at yourself in the mirror and notice how much better you look and you’ll smile from ear to ear, shake your head and say, I’m looking fine. You are doing something right and it shows. Life can be rough and we are usually the cause of our darkness even though we fire blame at others. It is when we recognize our own faults and accept total responsibility that changes will begin to seep into our lives, slow but steady and we will learn to smile and laugh again.

Our dark situations are truly temporary, we often know within ourselves that in time we will be on another road. All we have to do is make sure the road we’re on is smoother and up ahead is brighter. We may not know precisely what the road ahead will bring but if we make good decisions along the way, you will be delighted in the outcome.

O I know, you are all you need…I’ll say it again, knowing the “you” the soul and recognizing what “you” have inside. Learning what your gifts are, how you can capitalize on them and bring them forth to help create a solid foundation doing what you love, we have it all, it’s a matter of recognizing our own worth. Don’t take too long to accept what you have been given and please do not allow anyone to devalue you. Stand up for yourself, be happy with you, recognize your power and expect the treatment you so deserve.

Everything you need to receive what you want in life is within you. Others can’t fix you, but you sure can fix yourself by utilizing all that is present and all that can serve you well. Be kind, be compassionate and be loving…My thoughts, take what you can use and leave the rest…Melvina Germain…..

Written: May 29/2014

As My Thoughts Unfold (#6)

We dine in the rhapsody of wind, rain, snowstorms, angry hurricanes
and such. Dining can be a time to share impressive words, to pull
from the depth of despair, to rip from the bosom of hope, to inoculate
into each other, the uniqueness of our being. Sharing ultimately
truths that most would hold secretive, but when two souls meet and
find that they are one, truths unfold and the birth of soul-mate’s unite.

I wonder, do you listen while dining or are your thoughts soaring the waves
of the universe. Perhaps standing on top the highest mountain or soaring
beneath God’s sky scaling the valleys and rolling hills. Could it be your
imagination deludes you into absurd thoughts of conquering the impossible.
While you are nodding your head in agreement, truthfully you are not their
feasting on words generously shared by your partner.

You may be dipping into that questionable valley, a place many would rather
not enter. The place where truths and reality undresses itself, exposing
clear facts to be seen and viewed by others.

Who are you? Don’t answer that question…Monet? The question should
be revised and state. Who am I, Goddess of the Nile, Queen of Sheba long
time passed. I remember my innocence, my beauty, my power and my
insatiable vulnerability. Still I was admired and wooed by a King.

Perhaps we have been galloping our way through this maize, unable to
find an exit. Internally forbidden to rise above and leave such complications
behind. To take one step at a time, reaching toward the throne of success.
We must combine our greatness and rise together again as one.

Who am I, yes that is the unanswered question, as those who have known me
for many years have wondered the same. So my answer still remains.
I do not know who I’am, you see, I’m still trying to find out and when I know,
truly I will share with all of you.

One can not find beauty anymore upon my being. No it has long since faded,
though I do not wish to become scant, weathered, weary and feeble. My
fading body can no longer rise to the task.

Quite often one may find themselves haunted and fall into a trance, living in
yesteryear, usually after midnight, prior to morning light. In silence, we dream,
we dance, we dine with Kings and Queens. We rest on the throne of power,
laughing heartily, smiling profusely and sighing enchantingly.

Listen…O you must listen. Do you hear the cry of Jesus. No, not as he begs
for his own life. No… but as he pleads for yours while he drips in blood with
excruciating pain. Listen! to the wild winds, the howling wolves. Wake up!
as abusive hailstones dent your skin. Become wise and let knowledge birth
wisdom within your soul.

Your existence, profound as it is, has purpose. Look into it and find it’s true
essence. Explore the depth of possibilities and sweep through blood, bones
and flesh. You see, they will soon dissipate and return to dust. Introduce
yourself to you, the core existence, the spirit that will live centuries with
new flesh, new bones, lifetime after lifetime…..

Written by: Melvina Germain
Date: March 20/2013

As My Thoughts Unfold (#5)

My thoughts led me to a tranquil place this morning, where I began to dip into yesteryear. I remember when my father-in-law was suffering from Cancer and we visited the doctor for his usual appointment. The doctor asked him a question, my Father-in-law answered, you guys know what you’re doing. The doctor was an African gentleman and he quickly answered, we only know what to give or do for you for your ailment , we are not a part of your body, only you know your body, so I need you to tell me what is going on within it. My Father –in-law then began to explain how he was feeling. I remembered that visit and took a clearer look at myself and decided to take on full responsibility for what I put inside my body. I make all final decisions and refuse to leave such to anyone as long as I’m of sound mind, my body is mine. I think we owe it to ourselves to do what we have to do, to learn, to research and be aware of all that is going on within us. Having said that, I’m referring to the whole body, not just the physical but the mental and spiritual as well. We must take great care of the “you”, the soul and be the best that we can be.

Written by: Melvina Germain
Date: Dec. 15/2013

As My Thoughts Unfold (#4)

Simmering thoughts stretch beyond the fields of life’s
unspeakable valley. As I trudge upon earths velvet
green, God’s lap of earth so firm and yet so soft
beneath my feet. Searching for answers of
impossible questions. Enchanted by dainty
feathered birds swooping through the air, the scent
of rain soon to appear.

Intoxicated with the sight of voluptuous trees swaying
in rhythmic symphony. Earth’s scenic ambiance holds
me tight within its grasp. Walking in twilight, enveloped
in beauty and draped in the elegance of nature. Though
deep in thought, I’m overwhelmed by this surrealistic
journey. Fathoming this Blessing leaves me bemused,
I’m ready to walk that nautical mile and spread my
wings under moonbeams and infinite, glowing stars.

May I gently follow in your footsteps and listen to
your whispers intently. Please embrace me and hold
me close, let your spiritual warmth penetrate me and
dazzle me so that I’m fulfilled with true love.

Forgive me when my flesh betrays me and turns away
from you. At times, the roaring winds find me splayed
on the bed of wanton love and I give of my pleasure to
the sweet tongue of a Prince. Forgive me, my weakness
finds me tantalized and I move gently, sighing deeply,
moaning sweet moans as soft words sweep or’e my
mind, keeping me hypnotized within a spell. Forgive
me, my wings are in transition and I await them.

Written by: Melvina Germain
Date: Mar. 01/2013
Time: 10:53am

As My Thoughts Unfold (#3)

No longer do I whisper innuendos or hint at the bitterness
of despair…no I stop and ponder looking to the light, in the
hope an answer will come from there. Often failure will
grant success as determination sits the ground and the image
that presents itself is bold and quite profound.

Walking on the other side of the mountain, or stepping out of
bounds and finding myself alone in a place where I boldly did
not belong. Traveling far into the depths of destruction where
no one wants to be found. I’ve journeyed as far as the moon,
though my body was left behind, transcended through a cloud,
searching for the road to freedom, life can be so unkind.

Once living on the wild side, caged in a prison of my own,
mesmerized by a lie and a bet, and weird creatures on the
phone. I danced after midnight, wined and dined in style, but
no man asked for my hand or cared to walk me down the aisle.
The freestyle life has its complications, beware of the beastly
blues, for you may become the target and be a star on the
evening news.

No longer do I whisper innuendos or hint at the bitterness
of despair, I’ve walked around that corner and now I’m quite
aware. You see, I was the main character in a play created
by me alone. I starred on the stage of complexity and fell
far from the throne. Life was a gambling game and yes the
winner takes it all, so often I became the loser and took a
gruesome fall.

Finally toward the end an epiphany hit my soul, you are
your own foundation and that you can truly hold. I write
with pen and rhythm and experience from long ago and no
longer wear a mask or live in a prison believing lies so long
and bold. I’m almost ready to cross over and see the
brightest of lights and realize I no longer have regrets nor
need to raise my hands to fight.

Written by: Melvina Germain
Date: Feb. 28/2013

As My Thoughts Unfold (#2)

While tending my garden, I stopped and pondered awhile. Noticing
a flower in bloom, made me realize I had blossomed long ago but
yet too, I realized, perhaps I’m still blooming as each day brings forth
much food for thought, surprises and my thirst for knowledge continues
to unfold. I wonder though, I wonder of the pain that still remains
among us and I wonder why the youth must continue to suffer.

My golden years, soon to be twilight years are moving forward at quite
a pace. I smile when I pen these words as I’m looking forward to the
grand finale, yes looking forward to becoming spirit, reaching that
glorious freedom, finally knowing all the answers, meeting my Saviour
and God himself.

Free from dealing with jealousies and shallow people who hide behind
the facade of falsehoods. One becomes tired of looking in the faces
of the great pretenders, faces of the power collectors, faces of those
who continually devalue people, faces of users and abusers, of those
who place themselves on that great white pedestal flaunting so much
with so little and faces of the murderers of our young.

I’m weary, trudging along in a world where look-ism is of great quality to
vain individuals who can’t see further than the closest mirror. Weary
of trudging through that incredible force of evil, weary listening to
devices which transmute the horrid and the bloody brutal slayings of
the innocent. Weary of hearing stories of how five year olds are
murdered and put in garbage cans as trash. That’s what happened
this week in Niagara Falls and it hurt me to think of all the pain and
suffering ahead for the family of this little girl and only God knows what
little Isabella went through. A senseless murder, a waste of a beautiful
life and what can I do about it, nothing. I’m weary and I’m hurt,
feeling helpless yet once again.

We are living in a world of lost characters out of a horror movie it
seems. In this abstract society, we are dying in insurmountable
numbers. Every moment of every day, someone kills another human
being, yet we try so hard to hold on to this life. I ask myself, why?
I believe in the afterlife and that it is a true Blessing, no more worries,
no more pain, only love resides there. In the next breath, I may be
clinging on to this world and praying for an extension here, why? Why
is it, we don’t want to give up on this world and move forward. I admit
I want to stay here as long as possible and enjoy all the Blessings,
but still my mind ponders and still I`m tired and weary.

I ask myself, what makes a person want to kill another human being,
an innocent child. I`m obsessing about this for I can not fathom it. As
I sit here this evening penning this piece to share. I`m feeling a burning
sensation in my heart, feeling the pain of the parents of that poor little
girl. I know the tears are flowing and this storm will be so difficult to get
through. Teddy bears, bunnies and sweet looking monkeys all hanging
on the fence saying good-bye to beautiful five year old Isabella. As the
tears of onlookers spill and the darkness continues to unfold. They stand
with candles glowing, feeling that heart wrenching pain and they too
are bathed with their own worry and fear now lives violently among them.

Prayer is the only answer and prayer is all we have. Like a little child, I
look to my Father in heaven and I want answers. No… I know I should not
question as only God knows why and only He would have been able to
save little Isabella. God chose to take her home and I`m sure he took
her before the pain began. I have to believe that in order to remain sane.

All the atrocities, the wars, the useless murders, horrid accidents. Could
it be that in a fraction of time, one is pulled from within and does not
feel the pain. It is my hope that truth lives within this thought. Tonight,
though my heart is aching and my soul slowly weakening. I pray for
every child in this world to be safe and free from all harm, to be given the
gift of life and not to have it snatched away from them, Lord let them
survive the darkness, may your precious children remain free of all abusive
and fatal situations.

Bringing this piece to a close, I ask each and everyone of you to stop what
you are doing and say a prayer for Isabella and her family. Please also pray
for every child in this universe. I pray in the name of our Saviour Jesus Christ,

Written by: Melvina Germain
Date: Aug. 29th 2012

As My Thoughts Unfold (#1)

It’s too late, by the time the sun rose in the east, it was too late.
On this earth I’m lonely, isolated with my pain, so much lost,
very little gained. I stand surrounded by land and sea, yet no
on physical seems to notice me.

Betrayed by those who should stand by my side, love me, protect
me and care. Saddened, they’re not here. Deceived by the oppressor,
raped and scorned, sometimes I wish, I was never born.

Cold, yet a fire burns within my soul oozing sweat through my pores,
lost, yes I yearn sometimes for deaths door. Though I’m not one to
stand quiet and be ignored, there are times when my loneliness shuts
me down.

I remember, I remember the pain of yesteryear and today in this world,
I stand displayed on this universal stage. My life’s work is not
over, still proving to the world, how smart I’am, how deserving I’am,
how witty, how funny, how talented I’ve become. For what I wonder,
will I leave a legacy, will they see me then.

I”m tired, worn and weary, trudging along, humming sweet gospel songs.
Listening to drums beat, feeling vibrations of musical tones. I”m not
a dynasty, flourishing in power, mesmerizing the world, beautiful in
celebration…no, my dynasty is has not yet unfolded so my dynasty is

I’m not your fiend of hope or the ground that you worship. I’m a
mere spec of dust, waiting to be picked up by hands so gentle. Waiting
to be held in comfort, waiing to find a safe place to rest.

Sweet Chariot, take me home, let me walk the path of peace and
tranquility, the path of freedom and let it rain showers of Blessings.
Let me find my way through this crumbling society, this stumbling
block, through the darkness of needless hate, let me walk up the steps
to the throne of glory and bask in the beauty of the promised land.
Demons shall not find me there.

Who will kiss me tenderly when my emotions rise high in a sleepless
night pondering on the pain of my ancestors. Wo will understand and
wrap me up ina warm blanket of hope. Who will wipe the tears from my
eyes as I wqeep until nights end. Who will be my earths long time

I’ll not make old bones, no…you’ve given me the pain of a thousand
men and yet I rise to try again. I’ll not make old bones, you and I
know my destiny, whoever you are.

Sing me a song sweet spirit, may I walk by your side and rest my
head upon your shoulder. Sing me a song sweet spirit, as I quietly
drift along, watching the grass move slowly beneath my feet. Sing
me a song sweet spirit as you finally write my destiny in my footsteps.
Sing me a song and I’ll be grateful. As I wrap my arms around your
invisible body and squeeze you tight. Know that I love you sweet
Spirit, know that I love you as I say goodnight.

Written by: Melvina Germain
Date: July 28/2011
Time: 12:28pm


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