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New Articles by: Melvina Germain

March 23rd, 2015 · No Comments

Let The Good Reign
2. On The Outside Looking In
3. Deal With The Powerful Few

Let The Good Reign

Hello everyone, once again let me say this…People can’t own people, if someone you love wants to leave you, though its sad, you need to let them go. You can’t cage them, lock them up in your house, follow them around and hope they’ll come back to you. When it’s over for most people, it’s over, they’re not coming back. You need to let them go and savor whatever good times you had together. Your memory unless abusive doesn’t have to be ugly. Keep the beauty alive so that when you speak of them, you can still smile.

I let one person go in my life and it was pretty much one sided, I feel I should have given our relationship more of a chance than I did. Back then and it’s only a few years ago, my mindset was this… if I felt I was being held back, I walk and I walk fast. I did feel that way but really I should have discussed it with my friend and maybe we could have salvaged that friendship. If we do end up having that talk and the person still wants to walk, wish them well, yeah I know, easier said than done sometime. Truly you can live without them and someone else will come along and the stars will shine again. So stop you pining and your endless thought of what you can do next to get these people back. Spending ridiculous hours trying to work out in your mind what you did, what they did, this is just going to keep you depressed. I don’t think any individual is worth the mental stress that some put on themselves. For those who think death is the answer, suicide laced in your mind because you can’t be with someone. My advice to you, is get help and get help right away because you re placing too much value in another human being and too little value on yourself. You need to see a doctor and get your head straight.

Unload that darkness and make way for the light to shine again. A friend of mine recently told me, if you are to find love for a third time, it will find you, don’t look for it, when you least expect it, it will happen. You deserve to give yourself that chance, don’t let anyone take that away from you. Listen to this, while you are pondering and immersed in sadness of this person, they are laughing it up with someone new in many instances so you are wasting your precious time. We’re human beings, we want to be loved but sometimes we give love and don’t receive, now could that be that we are giving to the wrong person and have not had our eyes open to see the person who loves us standing by waiting just for you. Keep your eyes open, love might be just around the bend. Seniors, it’s ok for you to have many friends as no one person may serve up all your wants and needs. Things change in our senior years if we are left a widower or widow, we might not be looking for that one on one, long term relationship anymore. Honesty is key in order for each person to know precisely where they stand. Let’s face it, by age 60-70-80 we are quite set in our ways so it might take more than one to bring what we want. I won’t go into detail but I’m sure some Senior’s would agree. If you are looking for that long term though, you might have to go younger on the scale, I’m just saying….

All in all remember “Love is the answer” be good to others and hopefully others will in turn be good to you. My thoughts…Melvina…..

On The Outside Looking in

Don’t cha love religious people who sling religion all over the dang place. Always reminding you how you will go to “hell” if you don’t listen and follow all the rules supposedly given up by God.

If you don’t do this, you’re going to hell, if you don’t do that, you’re going to hell. They best be very careful, what if the freaking tables change and I go to Heaven waving goodbye to them while their sinking in hell with all their boisterous threats.
You don’t have a dang clue who’s going where. Some of you speak against prostitutes, wayward women, bad men who delve into drugs and alcohol, oh yeah you call all these people down while you figure you’re wearing a holy crown lol. Let me give you a scenario.

You are all waiting in front of St; Peter’s Gate, the prostitutes and drug addicts are at the back, in place where you and they believe they belong. You have your finery on, to show your wealth and all you gained on this earth but at no time did you reach out your hand and grab a hold of someone in need. At no time did you give to anybody anonymously. No you see, you needed all the glory and forgot to give that glory to God but in your mind you were doing real good uh. Well now you have a smile etched on your face and some Angels are coming toward you, your eyes are sparkling and you are almost jumping for joy…O yes, you ready.

Now the first Angel doesn’t even eyeball you, uh uh, He walks on by like you don’t exist but that doesn’t phase you one bit, there’s a whole lot more coming along that path. But one, two, three, sixty two, ninety five…Oh dear! only a few to go. Well now, you and your fair-weather friends are left on your own. When you look back, you see that all the Angels, prostitutes and drug addicts are gone, then it happens. You hear thunder and streaks of lightening coming down and heavy sparks, flickering lights, a blanket of darkness appears overhead. You’re staring into the gray fever and flames are spouting out, surrounding you. If that’s not bad enough you see a fiery bed slowly coming toward you and you’re now beginning to beg for forgiveness…is it too late for the truth, is it too late for you. Did you give what you are now asking for to anyone on earth. That fiery bed is coming closer and closer and now…your eyes are fully opened and you can truly see. Let’s hope, what our Father in Heaven did for John Newton, He’ll do for you. Please understand as I’m not a religious person, this is most certainly not a threat, just a mere writers imagination unfolding on the page. Another what if per sae..

We ought not be so quick to hurl judgement lest we be the ones that are judged and judged harshly. I don’t walk in your shoes, so I know not what woes you are going through or have faced. I’m a mere person on the outside, looking in and believe it too, you don’t know where I’ve been…Melvina…..

If you sit around waiting for God to come and save you, continue to gaze at poverty stricken countries, watch little children blow up like balloons, watch them walk barefoot through urine waters,listen to them scream in hunger while you sit in beautiful houses of the Lord. Well, you might be waiting a very long time for that hand to come out of the sky, wave a wand and say, all is well.

We have been given all that we need, all the treasures, all the resources, an infinite amount of land and beneath it’s surface yet more and more richness there for the taking but the greed of “man” is where the problem manifests. It’s so simple to see, the masses are like sitting ducks, some working their fingers to the bone to make ends meet, others in food lines waiting for a handout, some purposely give up and stop trying and the poor continues to scream, help me! We scramble, slap our brothers and sisters down, steal ideas and run to make a name for ourselves. We crumble when the going gets rough, depend on drugs and alcohol to soothe the pain.

While the mass is dying of strokes and heart attacks, the few at the helm are still stuffing their pockets and have much armor by their side to protect them when protests take a stand. The same people that are struggling are the people used to protect the few in power. The same struggling people are used to fight and spill blood.

We are mummified by certain individuals who look like us and have made their way to the top. We watch them walk in clicks but they never seem to see you. Ahhh manipulation has it beauty mark and have tossed a blindfold your way and what you see is not what it is. By the time you learn to think strategically, your time on this earth is coming to an end and then you have an urgency within you to share and make others aware. Well, you know, often you stand and shake your head and know that you re speaking to a brick wall because nothing in penetrating. So many minds of the young have been used and abused. Baited by the powerful who know full well how to keep them in their place.

Well, you can keep praying, you can keep calling out and waiting for that intervention. You see, it’s what you have been programmed to think, yes, that something grand is going to come and take great care of business but what we perhaps don’t realize is the help has already come, the answers were already given and generosity was at a high but you didn’t get or stand up and take your piece of the pie because there were stopping blocks placed their by the powerful few.

However, all is not lost, coming together in mass is all it takes to regain what rightfully belongs to you…sanity, peace of mind, happiness, joy, a beautiful place in which to live, enough to eat and a comfortable place to rest and sleep. We have an abundance of all we need on this earth, right here, right now and sharing is where the bliss begins.

Well now…there it is in a nutshell, all you have to do is deal with the powerful few.

My thoughts…Melvina

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