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Police The Police…My thoughts for a solution to police brutality…..

March 23rd, 2015 · No Comments


My Thoughts On The Michael Brown Shooting

Unfortunately situations become blocked for whatever reason, is it God or is it something else in the Universe. I don’t know…Having said that, I would like to share my thoughts on the Michael Brown Shooting.

First of all, let me start by reiterating words that come to me. I often hear that change is coming forth and in one way, I must agree, change is coming forth, for the worse not the better. Now that was my thought recently but today someone I love dearly shared an experience with me. This person visited a very rich area and was expecting the usual treatment. As the vehicle approached people walking on the street made contact with the driver, hands rose and waved and this person waved back. It happened more than once and he was taken back, wondering what is happening here. No one acted inappropriately leaving my friend in total awe. One wonders why, and I’m thinking… is this in support of the tragedy that took place days ago…the shooting of Michael Brown, touching the lives of many.

We seen the turn out in Times Square, a sea of white people showed up to support their Black brothers and sisters, a sea of white people. We have to acknowledge that, people do want change. So the culprit right now is enforcement and the question remains what do we do about that.

I want to take you back a bit in time, some will disagree with me sharing this but truth is truth. Prior to the the Rodney King case, I went back even further to 1955 when a 14 year old boy…Emmett Till was murdered for reportedly flirting with a white, 29 year old, store proprietor. She was a married woman, later her husband and his friend went to Emmet’s great Uncle’s home and took Emmett to a barn and beat him mercilessly, gauging his eye out and weighting him down with a 70 pound weight and throwing his lifeless body in the river. The killers, Roy Bryant and J.W. Milam were acquitted and sometime later trialed again with the same outcome.

In the 1960’s my family felt that pain right here in Canada, when a cousin of mine was killed for not listening to the word “halt” resulting in the policeman firing and killing him. The rule apparently here was a three time call back then, after the third call, the officer had the right to shoot.

Then I remember the Rodney King incident, a construction worker speeding and a chase began. When the police caught up with Rodney they placed quite a beating on him. Looting and so on took place but America still did not learn their lesson.

Nov./2012 Jordan Davis was killed… his killer was annoyed because loud music was coming from the vehicle some Black teens were in. Michael Dunn, fired several shots in the car and later went to a hotel and had pizza. Someone reported his license and he was picked up. He went to jail for many years.

We all know about Trayvon Martin, age 17, his crime…wearing a hoodie, in the wrong place at the wrong time and a neighborhood watch George Zimmerman shot and killed him. He was acquitted.

Let’s not forget our 43 year old, Eric Garner who was choked to death by the NYPD and left to die while begging for help, saying, I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe…Police officers and Fireman ignored his plea and he died some weeks ago. Eric was accused of selling loose cigarettes.

The most current is 18 year old, Michael Brown who was merely walking with his friend when stopped by the police. The officer asked him questions which were answered respectfully, but he was shot and killed anyway.

Well now…we are rising up against all of this and so we should, now we insist and will not back down. We want laws put in force to hold police officers accountable for their actions.

Lest I forget, in the last month there has been four killings of Black teens in America. We hear eye gauging, choking and yet there are many still telling me to get over it…let it be…

Emmett Till…………age 14…Roy Bryant & J.W. Milam…Acquitted
Jordan Davis………..age 17…Michael Dunn…Jailed
Trayvon Martin…….. age 17…George Zimmerman…Acquitted
Eric Garner…………age 43…In Progress
Michael Brown……… age 18…In Progress

I have a proposal as to a possible solution coming up next…..Melvina Germain

POLICE THE POLICE (My Proposal to Create a Solution to Police brutality in America)

First and foremost I believe any applicants of the police force must be scrutinized fully. Not only family background but what groups were they involved with, who were their friends. What was there enjoyment, what hobbies did they have…what type of students were they…We are trying to establish if we are hiring a racist in which case they need to be eliminated immediately and told why.

Moving forward

On location studies need to be put in force, by that I mean literally taking these potential officers placing them in situations with people of different backgrounds…visibly Black people, young and old people. Place them in classrooms, in bars, in churches perhaps…place them on the street after hours with empty pockets. They ought be given a taste of reality…take them to an area and leave them there with no money, no place to stay and see how they survive. At all times of course they are being observed. All of this helps determine, are they ready to serve and protect or do they have a different agenda.

There should be a “People’s Board” with a number of the public from all different ethnicities, who can sit in an area and observe the training of police officers to give them a sense of how police training is done. Personally I feel something is happening during the training process that perhaps is changing the mindset of a good person.

1. Police the Police
2. All police must stand accountable to the public
3. reason being…law enforcement officers have proven they can’t be trusted
they foster the need to exert extreme force which gives them a sense of superiority. The target is most often our young Black males, poor people and people with mental disorders, the homeless and so on. Easily marked people.
4. Video camera’s need to be installed in every police unit and on the outside of the unit as well. The video must be kept running at all times, any officer who turns off the video must be fined heavily.
5. If the video is turned off during an arrest and that particular arrest went bad then the office will be relieved of his duties and a full investigation without pay will take place. A polygraph must be one of the deciding factors as to the amount of truth told by the suspected offending officer. When all issues are resolved and said officer is found not guilty of any obstruction of justice then and only then is he allowed to come back to work and perhaps receive retroactive pay.
6. If found guilty of brutality, then he is given his walking papers…Fired…
7. I was very interested in finding out about the amount of Black policemen in Ferguson and though I’m seeing right now in the News that Police Commander, “Captain Ron Johnson” did lead the march.


One way or other peace will come to this world and the way to see that take place is to get rid of the beast. We can kill the beast but then we have blood on our hands or we can take what the beast relies on…his job, his money and rip away all his false Armour so everyone can see the truth come forth. Let the beast deal with that reality…An M.G. Quote…..

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