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Raging Fire

March 23rd, 2015 · No Comments

My ruby fingertips, stained blood-pressure rich
displays my brains inability to connect in syncopated heartbeats
after my body’s heat rises high. Dry as the desert my mouth glues shut
and the moisture on my burning skin beads like rain bubbles.

A cloudlike veil glistens with hidden tears, threatening to flush like
the soiled thoughts simmering beneath the surface of the boney
structure above my brain and my mind screams, help me! Brow beaten,
physically assaulted, pain stricken, I’m dying inside.

Looking indignant, swallowing pain, I fumble without balance
forcing myself to think without cursing anything that moves.
Clenching my fists until my nails pierce the center of my palms. Far
beyond my comprehension in mindless fury, this scarred pot within
boils over.

Peering through the window of the darkest moments in time, I’m
reminded of such heinous and tragic acts where repetition became
the blanket of a nations despair. We’ve learned through trial and
tribulation, through heartache and pain, through skins pricked
penetration that one man can not pull us from the clutches of old

Traumatized our people suffer in memory of pillage and rape,
disrespect, degrading every fiber of our being. We cover ourselves
with flesh white shields whose accountable bodies are their to
protect. But has hate drained the river where barking dogs trailed,
can we trust those whose identity might fail.

Written by: Melvina Germain
Date: Aug. 20/2014

Tags: Poems by: Melvina Germain

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