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A Fate Worse Than Death

February 13th, 2016 · No Comments

Have you ever thought about the phrase “A fate worse than death”…My thoughts to follow…

Fate Worse Than Death

As we age our bodies slow down, our minds often lose it’s ability to store information and our recollection becomes frustrating as you fight to bring forth something you should remember. Perhaps in that instant you realize your mind is fading and a new worry is coming forth and at that same instant you thank God for the memory of that realization. It doesn’t take much to soothe an aging soul.

The fate worse than death may be in fact, being aware of the fact that your mind and body are changing. A fear hangs over you as you ponder on what the future will bring and the future is not far away. Your mind wonders and thoughts of never having to die becomes an obsession. You think to yourself, I have to pull myself together, so a regimen of exercise begins, you change your eating habits and begin to read the best inspirational and motivational books on the market. You are going to be a power machine just like Henry…Oh but wait! Henry died while running last year, yes he forgot to slow down before coming to a stop and his heart failed. Poor Henry, but that won’t happen to me are your thoughts. I want to get as close to that immortal being and who knows if I can live long enough perhaps by then man will have figured out how we can become immortal.

With that thought in mind, one might also wonder, if such is feasible then that could also be the fate worse than death. Think about it, if you are the one human being to become immortal what might you observe over the years. As we age from twenty to fifty we notice our digestive system begins to change, from 50 to 80 we are muttering, I like beef but beef doesn’t like me. You are running to the bathroom at warp speed and many are wearing depends. At age 65 we are not enjoying the same music the youngsters absolutely find divine so they stay far away from the so called old foggies.

We can no longer sit and do homework with our Grand-children because the communication gap has grown due to some asinine crazy language, and forget doing math because 8 minus 4 is no longer 4 but some weird calculation that you can not fathom. You are in the midst of a fate worse than death, you see you are totally alone, no one can relate to you.

Their observation of you is becoming so intense, fear arises in your mind and paranoia is a daily vexation. You are living a nightmare as the freak show begins, and you have no one to talk too after all your last friend died years ago, you’re on your own. You look in the mirror and wonder who is looking back. Your physical body has changed tremendously, yes you look and feel like a monster.

You live in the home of the aged with no visitors and the patients walk away from you because they know you will never die, you become an outcast living a fate worse than death but isn’t that what you wanted, to live on forever.

To age gracefully, taking care of our mind, body and soul as best we can. Having a healthy and realistic outlook on the inevitable will lessen the anxiety of aging. Being prepared for the so called end, I call it the transition beyond. Knowing without a doubt, that one day you will close the final curtain to earth. If you are present in that situation in mind, you can leave quietly with a smile on your face.

The journey is long and at times can be an uphill struggle but when balance finally sets in, we find ourselves on the smooth path of life well fitted to prepare for that inevitability. Fear will have no place within our souls as time is of the essence. We don’t have the luxury of sitting around in fear wondering what will be. We clearly have to move and continually prepare on what is certain to be…Be well, be happy and be kind…Take what you can use and leave the rest…Melvina…..

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