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Speed Queens

February 13th, 2016 · No Comments

Speed Queens

The speed Queens were getting their housework done lickety split, they couldn’t sleep. A new friendship formed, these young housewives became close and having a lot of fun together. One loved dabbling in drugs, the other knew nothing about such but was coaxed into trying.

She began with speed pills in order to keep up with her housework. The problem was it wasn’t easy to get any sleep and you got it her good friend had a cure for that too. Years passed, a pill for this and a pill for that and soon a pill of some sort was needed everyday, along with a little whiskey to wash it down. Brown bag Carlie was the friends nickname as she took that whiskey everywhere she went.

I saw Carlie one day in the Safeway store and wished I could have sunk in the ground when she laid eyes on me. She yelled my name out loud for all to hear and see. I’m getting married she hollered, I told ya it would happen, I smiled and wished her well. Come on over to Sallie’s and have a drink with us sometime, I nodded with a half smile. Such a shame to see her in such a delusional state but Sallie was my main concern. She lost a lot of weight very quickly and realizing brown bag Carlie was on Coke, Sallies friends wondered about her.

One day a friend boldly asked the question, Sallie are you on Coke, noooo Sallie yelled. This reaction didn’t surprise Nel, she mentioned, I know your friend Carlie is a Coke-head so I wondered about you after all you’ve lost a lot of weight. I’m dieting retorted Sallie and the lies, the drinking and the drug use continued.

On a Wednesday morning, Sallie made a phone call to Nel crying and screaming, you never come to visit me anymore, why don’t you come and see me, we’re friends. Nel calmly said, Sallie the last time I visited you we almost fell down because you were so drunk. I don’t care screamed Sallie, when are you coming to see me. Nel felt so bad and she promised to visit Sallie the next morning. You promise! in such a loud but sad voice asked Sallie, yes I’ll be there Nel replied quietly and wished her a good day.

Nel tried her best to carry out her promises so the following morning, she woke up and got ready for her visit with Sallie. She was having her second cup of coffee when the phone rang. She picked it up and it was Sallies sister screaming into the phone, Sallies dead, Sallies dead Nel and she wailed and wailed. Nel stood in shock and tried to sooth Audrey to no avail, Audrey kept screaming and making no sense then hung up the phone.

Sallie’s dead, Nel slumped in her chair and the tears fell as she placed her head in her arms on the kitchen table. Sallie was found dead in her kitchen with a picture of her daddy in hand and a glass of whiskey in front of her.

A few years later, the lady that introduced her to speed pills, brown bag Carrie was found dead in an alley, she had overdosed. Many believe her body was dumped there since no one wants to be found with an overdosed drug addict. That’s the way the story goes but the pain did not end there, so much more to this story. The lives affected, the lives ruined, deceived friendship and so on…oh noooo the pain doesn’t end there…If you’re dabbling in drugs and washing it down with some sort of alcohol the end may be quicker than you think…Treat your body well, love yourself and stay far away from this hell…Melvina…..

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