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Let The Truth Be Told

February 17th, 2016 · No Comments

I’m beginning this day with a poem…A tell it like it is, yes indeed…

Let The Truth Be Told

Today your eyes open, you see crystal clear
and realize without a doubt old age is here.
A little voice states, hey! This is all on you,
did you save your money, after paying dues.

Wretched truth steps in and abruptly unfolds
everything you worked hard for must be sold.
You see, no longer does this life give you a choice
your body crumbled now you lost your voice.

The government states, we can’t take care of you,
we have people from other lands that need us too.
You’ve had the good life in the land of the free
did you squander your money irresponsibly.

The food lines are open, that’s where you’ll be,
perhaps a homeless shelter becomes your reality.
O the wrath of old age can be a slap in the face
as your body turns on you in the shortest race.

If a stroke grabs hold taking you by surprise,
such a brutal change brings forth a disguise.
You can’t remember, you no longer speak
Those you love live on burdened street.

Farewell good life, stand up nasty and true
you recall a memory many admired you.
gazing in the mirror, wondering who you are
a faint voice says, you were once a star.

Written by: Melvina Germain
Date: Feb. 17/2016


Tags: Aging

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