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ADDICTION (Love The One You’re With)

Here’s a little paying it forward on my part but also on the part of the person who shares these words. I’m tired, so tired of losing my friends to this culprit that I felt I had to share some information with you today. If you are one of the unfortunate people to carry this burden, then this is for you. However if you are not and know someone you care about or love, I beg you to please share this information with them.

Many years ago, I had a disease called “PSORIASIS” I suffered tremendously and as it affected both of my hands, it was highly visible. I was so embarrassed that I tried my best to hide my hands, especially in stores while paying at the till. I went to many doctors and no help was available, tried many creams. It was a horrendous disease. I finally found a doctor who helped me a lot with what I called his magic machine that you know today as the tanning bed. I built up to fifteen minutes in that machine and finally I began to clear. Without the machine, my suffering returned, I couldn’t keep up the treatments and later bought a tanning lamp which also helped but I didn’t have the medication that you had to take along with the tanning. “PSOROLIN” pills. Still it was better than nothing.

At the same time, my lungs were in bad shape and my doctor after a bout with a lung disorder, told me I had to quit smoking. I remember, I thanked him for telling me that, as I wanted to quit and thought since a doctor told me it would be easier. Knowing that I might die from the disease surely I can quit. Not so, I was addicted to that cigarette, I couldn’t quit. I tried hypnosis, watching a graphic video etc. Finally I heard about Nicorette gum. At that time you had to have a prescription to get it, so I went that route and in three days had finally quit smoking. After two years of my warning, I threw my cigarettes out the window so to speak. A miracle in my eyes took place, it was like the peeling of skin, my “PSORIASIS” disappeared and I was left with very little scaring which also went away over the years. I have not had a flare up since and that was due to quitting smoking. For ten years I suffered and all I had to do was quit smoking.

Let me try to explain why you or the one you love should do the same thing. Nicotine is such a powerful and addictive drug. It enters your brain within ten seconds of taking a puff and actually alters how your brain works. It is more difficult to quit smoking than it is to give up “HEROINE”. Many of us think that cigarette smoking causes only lung disease but that is not so. There are numerousdiseases out there this is responsible for.

Having said that, a smoker is twenty times more likely to die of lung cancer but before that. Your lung capacity decreases and you can get what is actually “LUNG ROT” emphysema. Most emphysema cases are caused from smoking. It is impossible to keep a fresh mouth as germs are rampant and your chancesof acquiring tongue and mouth cancers are greater. A smoker is more prone to peptic ulcers, which are more difficult to get rid of and the chance of recurrence is greater and the ulcers won’t head as fast in a smoker.

Bowel disease has come into the picture as growing evidence shows that smoking may increase the risk of such. Four of five cases of cancer of the esophagus are due to smoking. As smoke enters your throat, cancer causing chemicals condense on your mucous membranes. Your fingers look terrible, you nails become stained. You’re just not that fresh looking person you once were.

Smoking is a major cause of heart attacks, do you know within one minute of your first puff. Your heart begins to beat faster, your blood vessels clamp down raising your blood pressure and forcing your heart to work harder. Also early signs of heart disease and stroke can be found in young smokers. The earliest I’ve heard of thus far is twenty years old, a young fellow.

For you beautiful ladies out there, realize you will lose that fine, silky skin as it changes to a rather leathery look and lines very easily and if you combine that with too much sun. Your skin could resemble the back of a farmers neck.

One final point here, we all value our eyesight, therefore giving up smoking will also help in that regard. The more you smoke, the more chance you have of developing a cataract which can cause blindness. Even former smokers have fifty percent higher risk of developing a cataract.

I really hope you read this article all the way to the end. It is my hope that in the following years we see a huge drop in smokers. 37,000 people in Canada die every year from diseases caused by smoking. Take a look at your cigarette, think long and hard of what you just learned here and ask yourself, is it worth it. Do I love my family enough to quit this habit no matter what it takes. Once you beat it, you can take a deep breath and move forward to a happier and healthier life. Blessings to all of you…..Written by: Melvina Germain…Jan.18/2014…..


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