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Assuming Burns…&…Stepping On Toes (My Thoughts)

Assumptions can drive you nuts, ask a direct question. Heck you might get a direct answer…the operative word here is…might…think about this…what it looks like is not necessarily what it is, so it’s not often what you see is what you get. There’s an old saying that goes something like this. Believe half of what you here and a quarter of what you see. I remember in a school play, we had a dressing room for the ladies and one for the men. Our stage manager, his name was Bill, I won’t place his last name here, I know too many that know him. He also held a high position as I did in the school. This was an adult school, dam those were great days.

We had to do some quick changes and Bill was beside himself trying to keep everything running smooth. I was getting dressed in my dressing room with one other lady and Bill knocked at the door, thought it was ok to come in. Now listen to this. We were both fully dressed in our body suits and only had to put our overlay on. We could have walked on stage like that and it would have been fine. Bill opened the door, and saw both of us standing there in our full body suit, exclaimed “oh my God, I’m sorry” and quickly closed the door. We looked at each other and shook our heads.

What do you think the rumor was that followed, well Bill was elated. He told everyone, I saw Melvina naked, hallelujah, he didn’t even mention the other girl but he smiled large every time he saw me and I could not make that man believe he did not see me naked. Years after that, I saw Bill somewhere, I can’t remember where and he still had that smile of “I saw you naked” on his face and I was still shaking my head. He believed it, truth is, Bill saw less than a quarter of me. The only parts naked was my hands and my head, all the rest was covered. Fun days at AVC, I wasn’t a poet then and that’s too bad.

You have to look long and hard and make sure it is what it appears to be. This is how people will get others in trouble and they will steak their life on what they think they saw. Believe half of what you hear, remember so many people have heard the story that has already been through many and by the time it gets to you, it is so blown out of proportion, it’s ridiculous.

You’ve heard of “read between the lines” well there’s something to be said for that also. It’s like reading some poems isn’t it, you think you know what the poet is saying and you’re sure it’s about them. In fact, the poet’s expression was totally different and wasn’t about them at all. I was seeing a gent that read one of my poems here and insisted it was about him. Truth is, I never gave him a thought while writing that poem. I don’t want to read between the lines, I just want you to tell it like it is, let the truth be told.

You might see something posted here, and you run off telling everyone the news. Later you realize it wasn’t what it seemed to be and you assumed that what you saw in black and white was fact. Well we have to be careful, you see, what the person placed on paper was in fact true, but what was omitted would have added a different element and the writer purposely left that element out. So in fact the writer was manipulating the reading audience and smiling at the outcome. We could refer to that as a “lie” and in fact it is a lie by omission. O you got to watch those writers, get it straight…fiction or fact.

Well when all is said and done, all we need to do is…Be kind…Be honest and remember “Love Is The Answer”…

Written by: Melvina Germain…..
(c) Journey of the Soul

Stepping On Toes

People are funny, many want their cake and eat it too as the old saying goes. I made my mind up a long, long time ago, never to step on my sister’s toes, It doesn’t matter whether I know them or not, they’re my sisters and as sisters, we must have respect for each other. If a man has a wife, a partner or a girlfriend, it’s all the same, he’s taken and you need to stay away from that situation.

There’s enough men and women in this world that we really don’t need to sneak around with someone else’s man or woman, having quickie sex or sexting, or telephone sex, it’s all the same, sex is sex. I personally think it’s foolish and extremely dishonest. Realize this young ladies especially, if a man is married, 9 times out of 10, he’s not leaving his wife for you, he just wants a little extra on the side. If he has a partner, he’ll tell her what she needs to hear and tell you the same, he’s settled in with her, he’s not leaving. I think it’s pretty much the same for the other way around, she becomes bored, you look good and when it’s over, it’s done, she doesn’t want to lose her husband, you’re gone baby.

I may be old fashioned but really isn’t it better to have a man or woman who just wants you, has no attachments except perhaps children from a previous marriage or relationship. Someone that will call you and whisper sweet nothings to you and only you, someone who respects and cherishes you and only you and the same coming from your end. Life is complex enough and it is so easy to become hurt in situations that begin on a dishonest level.

It’s joyful to give your all to the person you care about. It’s a Blessing to have them to hold on to, to walk hand in hand without worry of wandering eyes. When a man or woman has eyes just for you, that keeps peace between you. When you look forward to seeing them on a daily basis and can’t wait for their presence, you are a happy soul.

Bottom line, don’t step on your sister’s or brother’s toes, respect them and if their partner comes on to you, get the heck away from them, they are trouble. These are my thoughts and I’m a one man woman, so that’s me. You know who you are…

Written by: Melvina Germain
(c) Journey of the Soul

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