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Hair Growth

First of all, please realize everyone of us is different and what works for me, may not work for you.
I’m mainly sharing my personal experience, also realize I’m not a doctor and any new thing you try, you
really should discuss it first with your doctor.

I’ve been dealing with my hair for a very long time and for the most part, my hair began in a healthy
state. I brutalized it with straightening combs, straightening creams and so on to give it that loose
and easy to handle situation. At one time, a lot of my hair fell out after the use of a chemical.
Finally, I decided it was too difficult to handle and I began to wear wigs. I wore wigs for
many years. At one point, I had more than thirty wigs at my disposal.

Later I was introduced to, extensions and wore a ton of braids which was referred to as “awesome” by
many, especially men. After that phase, I stepped up to the beautiful creation of “weaves” and I loved
that phase. Harsh for the first two or three days, but once that tightening pain was over, I enjoyed
the weave for a couple of months. The weave was very expensive to keep up but I did for a couple of

During all this time, the years were passing by and “The Menopause was about to give me a gift”. No
one prepared me for that…My hair began to change, from kink to straight and I had lots of it, Wow! I
was in awe. Many thought I was wearing a wig and one lady sat behind me in church one day and played
with my hair. I smiled, knowing she must have been in shock to see that it was all mine. Well that
was a sister whom I love very much. There’s not many people who I would allow to mess with my
hair like that.

I enjoyed that hair for a very long time and then noticed, my hair was falling out a bit, little by
little. I thought at first, nothing I can do about that, it’s normal for many. Then one day, I
decided to research that thought.

Let’s get to it now, I’m about to share a wee recipe that might change your thoughts about losing
hair. I’ve been using this for the past two months and so far it is working beautifully. My hair is
soft and extremely manageable, it shines and the balding spots are growing in brand new hair. I’m
delighted, I have nice, soft, long braids, which are all mine. Recipe to follow…

Mix together, one tablespoon of cayenne pepper with one tablespoon of 100% virgin, olive oil and
massage into your scalp, leave on approximately 30 minutes and then rinse out. Make sure all the
residue is removed from the hair. Do this ritual nightly and enjoy watching your hair change.

That’s the simple recipe, I have more detailed, natural recipe’s as well, however the simplicity
is working beautifully for me.

Share your experience with us, good or bad, it’s nice to know…Feedback is how we learn.
Thank you for coming by…I wish you well with your endeavor to grow and manage your hair.

Written by: Melvina Germain

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