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It’s A Dog’s Life (Children’s Short Story)

It’s A Dog’s Life

Blaze was dog tired as he opened his eyes early Thursday morning, staring at the wall. Took a look at his master, watched him snore awhile. Ahh what to do thought blaze as he reached his head down between his legs and gave his wee wee a brush of the tongue. Got up, shook himself, walked to the kitchen, ready to start his day.

Immediately Blaze heard barking from the boys next door, Charles and Abe, he shared a three dog night with them before. Blaze began to bark and carry on, waking his master. Upset and yelling what the heck is going on, Master John came barreling down the hallway, yelling take it easy Blaze, allright boy I’ll let you out. Blaze looked at John with his big blue/black eyes and walked sheepishly to the side door which was left open. Blaze saw his opportunity and took it as fast as he could. The two boys next door managed to get out also and all three met in the back behind the spruce tree, next to the fence where they had dug a hole big enough to get through, and off for a walk they went.

Ahh so many sights along the way, scents and the drizzle of the rain on their foreheads caused them to give their sleek bodies a shake every now and then. Oh my thought blaze as he motioned to Charles and Abe to take a look across the street, why there goes Misty with her head held high on a diamond leash, now that’s dog gone funny, as her master proudly walks by. She has no time for us Blaze thought to himself, Charles and Abe looked on in disbelief at the beauty before their eyes. Cmon motioned Blaze, she’s not interested in us, her sporting her diamonds and fancy do, she’s entering that contest, you know the dog days of August, yeah, move on, move on.

Oh oh says Blaze, look whose up ahead, it’s Alex, he knows my owner and he’s going to try to take me home, huh, in a dogs age he will. Yeah says Charles, we won’t let him. Let’s ban together boys and give this guy the run of his life. As Alex approached and hollers, hey Blaze all three dogs picked up speed and ran, Alex yelled to the top of his voice, stop Blaze, stop! to no avail, the boys were gone, they soared, there was no catching them this morning. Blaze, Charles and Abe stopped at the railroad crossing and took a pee, much needed after their brisk exercise. Thirsty they were so they headed down to the river and hung there for a time, dog gone it, such a beautiful day.

In and out of the water they played and played, then Abe noticed Candy laying on a huge rock, hi Candy, what’s up. Candy replied oh Abe, I’m sicker than a dog, I just can’t make myself git up and move. blaze overheard the conversation and immediatly ran to a neighbours yard, an old farmer in the field. He found a sheet of cardboard and brought it back to Candy. Hey guys, lets’ get candy on this cardboard and we can all grab a piece and take her home, are ya with me. Oh yeah says Charles and Abe, let’s do it. It’s not a dog eat dog world is it boys, no we help each other, don’t worry Candy, you’ll be home in no time.

They took their drinks from the river and all grabbed a piece of cardboard and proceded to take Candy home. Time passed, the morning is gone and now it’s a dog day afternoon and all is well. Candy lived in
a tiny house on the corner and her master would be so worried by now, poor Candy had been out there most of the night. As they approached Candy’s house they heard voices calling Candy, Candy, then Blaze heard a familiar voice calling his name Blaze oh oh his master knew he was gone. Well doggie see, doggie do, they dropped Candy at the back of her house, barked and barked so they would be heard and sure enough, Mrs. Green came to the back gate oh my Candy, where were you sweetheart. John, John come quick, look there’s Blaze running with two other dogs. John was not happy as he went back to the house and got reinforcements. Noel and Dylan were waitng with both gates opened in case Blaze returned. Blackie was not happy either because he was locked in the room when Blaze left and he missed out on all the fun he thought.

Blaze, Charles and Abe saw a pack of dogs up ahead and thought if they could get going to the dogs, they wouldn’t end up in the doghouse so soon. They ran and ran to reach that pack and when Blaze turned around he say his masters truck coming, he soared into the back alley and headed toward the huge field where the pack of dogs were hanging out. Tongue hanging out, legs moving with force, they glided so elegantly through the air but Master John wasn’t giving up. Noel took the back way and he rode his bicycle in from the back oh yes he saw the pack of dogs and rode right to them, Blaze and Charles stopped for a moment while Abe kept running back and forth, knowing not what he was doing. Panting, tongues hanging out, what to do Blaze yelled Abe, what to do. Blaze looks around and the SUV was almost upon them, He shook his head and said, soory guys, I think we’re caught, time to go home.

Charles and Abe were not happy with Blaze’s decision and decided no way, we’re not going home, then all of a sudden they heard a huge voice calling their names and they immediately laid on the ground, it was Mavis and Andy, ummm hummm, their masters were there too. Big John got out of the truck as Noel rode up with his Bike, in the truck Blaze yelled master John, and Blaze jumped quickly in the truck laying down on the floor, he knew he was a bad boy. All the masters laughing and happy they found their best friends, said their good byes. Charles and Abe cried, they didn’t want to go home just yet, and Blaze barked saying, we must do this again, see ya later.

Blaze smiled to himself, he had a great morning and a wonderful afternoon, the exercise was great. now I know, he thought, I’m going to get fed soon, my master is happy and tomorrow morning I’ll try to do this again. He snuggled up to the back seat and relaxed for the ride home. It’s a dogs life thought Blaze, and he laughed, my master doesn’t know it but I let him catch us, I could have kept going, that’s right, it’s a dogs life.

© 2013 Above The Rain (All rights reserved)

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